BET50 IEO | Litepaper Update

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We would like to announce an update on the current whitepaper. Due to the massive upsurge of gaming and gambling dapps on the eos blockchain, the BET50 team has decided to eject gambling features from our platform. Our sole aim is to ensure that the BET50 platform remains one of value, and that the BET50 token is a valuable one to everyone who holds it. You can access the litepaper here. All our previous publications will updated with the litepaper as we work on a more comprehensive whitepaper that will properly detail all features of all the categories that will be hosted on the BET50 platform.

Following from this, we have decided to incorporate blockchain blogging features on our platform to supplement the sports betting and shopping platform. This decision was arrived at after an intense discussion between the BET50 team and some key members of the community. The Sports Betting platform remains accessible and available for use and can be found here.

We are in the process of adding more sports like basketball, cricket, volleyball and other so the platform may be unstable during play. If you have any issues, don’t hesitate to join our telegram group here and make your complaints known.

IEO and Exchange Listing

The BET50 token has now been listed on eosex exchange in continuation of the presale activities. Interested participants can purchase BET50 at a flat rate of 0.001 EOS on the eosex exchange platform. Presale starts on the 11th of January and will last through till the 5th of February. You can buy BET50 tokens on eosex here. Please note that this “presale” is just meant to get money for funds to complete all the categories on the platform, and to finance partnerships and agreementswith external bodies that will play a great role in the success of the platform. Announcements will be made on every major decision taken and publications made on our official social media accounts.

Our team has begun working on the shopping platform and blogging platform and it is now a race to see which is completed first. We look forward to seeing you on the other side of presale.

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