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For every entrepreneur and lover of cryptocurrencies, it is very important to have a platform that is very useful for everything related to the exchanges and conversions of these cryptocurrencies. In that sense, it is appropriate to mention that there is a recent and innovative platform for exchanges and conversions of cryptocurrencies, which has multiple advantages to offer to all its users and this platform is called OnePageX.

OnePageX offers the exchange and conversion of Bitcoin and Litecoin to another 140 cryptocurrencies of the Blockchain, but with the peculiarity that users do not need to register in order to perform the conversions. On the other hand, OnePageX has a simple process for the exchange of cryptocurrencies that facilitates all its users, as it also has a simple interface achieving the effectiveness in transactions and something more impressive is that OnePageX is able to support multiple transactions so that Users can make several transactions from a single page.

Step 1

First, pick the two assets that will be converted.

Step 2

Then, enter the withdrawal address where these assets will be removed.

Step 3

Finally, select the option “Start Exchange” and then the deposit will be done.

No Sign-Up:

Users do not need to register to make exchanges, because OnePageX generates a Code as reference for the exchanges.

Largest Selection of Cryptocurrencies:

OnePageX offers its users exchanges of more than 140 cryptocurrencies.

Multiple Transactions:

Users can make several transactions of different cryptocurrencies at the same time.

Fast and Simple Interface:

Simple and fast interface, allowing quick exchanges.

OneBox Widget Integration:

OnePageX has a widget called “OneBox” that can be integrated into any website.

To conclude, OnePageX promises to be the best option for all those who undertake in the blockchain, because it is essential to have a good service where transfers and conversions are carried out efficiently without many complications.

If you are a lover and an entrepreneur of cryptocurrency, give OnePageX a chance and start using their services!

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