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This December we decided to start a Solidity experiment.

After learning some basics last week, we proceeded with two different sources.

Evgeny decided to approach the topic by looking at the interactive code school and building his own version of CryptoZombies game created by Loom network.

My choice was to learn and practice step by step using one of the Udemy tutorials.

Now it is a good time to talk about the first obstacles we encountered.

Naturally, we are dedicating our free time. Family support is very important, and, unless you are living alone, do take some time to explain what you are doing and how important it is for your professional growth.

Loom gives a great explanation on Solidity code. Sometimes it makes sense to slow down and Google the unknown term to get a full understanding of it.

As you browse the courses, please note what Solidity version they are using and if they were recently updated by the author.

Not all lectures are created equal: watch out for typos or even unsafe practices. Solidity evolves so fast you will definitely see the discrepancy. It is a good idea to analyze your code in Remix IDE (Analysis tab).

As an example, I encountered missing origin validation vulnerability that allows a remote attacker to steal a developer’s code since the origin of requests to the web socket is not validated.

Average time consumed: 28 hrs.

Until next time,

Sergei & Eugeny

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