Current Strategy of New Firms That are Focused on Cryptos and Fintech

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Jan 19, 2019 at 15:35 // News

Amidst the strong and prolonged bear market which started last year, it seems that many trading institutions, investment funds, and crypto exchanges have to embrace the negative effects and reduce spending. However, one surprisingly budding sector right now, data and analysis supply, is expanding their number of staff.

Welcome to the Wild West 

Data has become an important part of our lives, including newspapers, social media blogs, and web magazines. It has recently turned out that data supply is a rapidly developing business as well. As Burton-Taylor International Consulting claims in a report, info services occupy the second-largest segment of global stock exchange income. According to Burton-Taylor, income from information provision about stock exchanges rose drastically on an annual level, gaining 13% in the period from 2012 to 2017. 

It does not come as a surprise then, that more and more enthusiasts see the crypto data business as highly lucrative. Crypto market represents a very specific asset class because it provides open access to exchange trading data. Although it creates some problems related to inability of proper management of the fintech field and requires deep knowledge and stress resistance. 

Big Commercial Opportunity 

The analysis of blockchain, the underlying technology of most virtual coins such as Bitcoin, and its key points can bring potential crypto investors a lot of use. Blockchain tech comprises many different features important for trading, for example the number of coins in circulation. Having learnt the basics of blockchain data construction, one can start making own interpretations of digital currency market movements.   

A great crypto data services empire may be constructed by providing customers a thorough, reliable, and credible picture of market activity. Moreover, it will require a possibility to work with data analysis tools and collect market price info directly from crypto exchanges, insiders, and other sources dealing with fintech.

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