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As we approach the first AURA staking payout, we would like to provide our community with an overview of the process for withdrawing funds from the IDEX fee account and separating the staking rewards.

Please note that all trades and withdrawals are broadcast by IDEX, requiring that IDEX pay gas fees on those actions to Ethereum miners. After these gas fees are subtracted from the overall IDEX revenue, 25% of all remaining revenue is rewarded to Tier 3 AURA stakers.

The process is represented in these formulas:

ETH gas fees= starting ETH balance + ETH added – ending ETH balance

Staking Revenue = (ETH revenue – ETH gas fees) x 25%

The Breakdown

When staking began, there was 35 ETH in the dispatch wallet. Since the start of staking the wallet has been refilled 4 different times:

  • 20 Ether on 1/13 (view)
  • 25 Ether on 1/16 (view)
  • 30 Ether on 1/18 (view)
  • 30.85 Ether on 1/23 (view)

ETH gas fees = 35 ETH + 105.85 ETH – 22.791 ETH = 118.059 ETH

During the staking period the total amount of Ether in the fee account has reached 255.42567 ETH.

(255.42567 – 118.059) x 25% = 34.3416675 ETH

The staking rewards will be held in 0xa60c01c48c71f0fcdb4c68042ce54d7dd217a2a7.

Any future withdrawals from the fee account will follow the same plan laid out in this document and will be accompanied with a short blog showing all the gas transactions during that period.

We look forward to the first staking earnings payout and hope to have more information on that process shortly!

~Team IDEX (Aurora)

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