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DGTX vs LFDN — A Utility Token Comparison

Many have heard about Digitex Futures Exchange ICO and their plans to launch their Commissions free exchange as per their White paper. Its quite Astonishing how quickly they raised over 5 million USD with just about 17 minutes in January 2018 and became one the most successful ICO in 2018. With this reason they went on to hire an office in Dublin Ireland.

With Such blockchain companies Already making history, the team and community at LFD Network are Inspired to make history with our Project and launch successfully in Q1 -Q2 of 2020. But how does the DGTX token work as compared to LFDN. What are the similar features and difference of Digitex futures Exchange and LFD Network? And let’s find out what potential we are to expect in 2020 and beyond?

Below is a neat presentation of the basics of both trading platform’s and possible conclusions.

What is the DGTX Token Used for?

DGTX is the native token of Digitex and is built into the exchange with goal of increasing token demand. All traders need to purchase digitex tokens to trade on the exchange. This make Digitex encouraged users to buy more tokens.The use of DGTX is compulsory on the Digitex exchange.

Digitex is a utility token .

DGTX Usage Over Time

Digitex has not launched its platform after postponed. But it aims to launch January 2019.

Characteristics of DGTX

Digitex minted 1 billion ( 1 000000000 ) for its ICO just like LFDN.

Digitex is currently only going to be used to trade futures and will have commissions free. Its going to be decentralized and users can trade using DGTX tokens.

What is the LFDN Token Used for?

Tokenized equity is emerging as a convenient way to raise capital in which a business issues shares in the form of digital assets such as cryptocoins or tokens

Think about tokenized equity like any standard share purchased in a listed company, except that those shares are in the form of crypto tokens.

To draw a parallel with present day equity share ownership – say, you purchased shares of a listed company during its initial public offering (IPO) , or bought them on the stock exchange . These shares are then credited to your demat account. Tokenized equity shares work the same way, except that those shares are in the digital form of cryptocoins or tokens, and instead of going into your demat account, they are credited to your blockchain-hosted account

LFD Network as startup and business is deciding to fund raise through initial coin offerings (ICO), and allotting token shares to investors.

Launch of LFD Network Private Blockchain

We are prepared to launch our private Blockchain to house companies mainly focused to doing IPO in entertainment.

We will launch our shares trading platform to our private Blockchain where trading can commence. Basically between entertainment company and to offer Blockchain equity shares to investors.

We will offer minimal transaction cost

Only Small fees of about 0.02% charge will be deducted to transact with company and investor to buy an sell shares.

Launch of Mobile App

LFD Network will launch a mobile App. On this App, you can store LFDN Tokens ,Send and receive LFDN Tokens.

Launching of Private LFD Network online Store.

We will launch a private decentralized Online store to Buy and sell products from LFD Network. Such as purchasing LFD Network Magazine,Film making Equipments,book for Artists in music and film,buy Film DVDs and Music Videos DVD from audited entertainment Company on our Blockchain and this purchase will be done using LFD Tokens at no fees at all.

Ultimate launch of Japanese & Hollywood sponsored film

As part project goals, LFD Network is aimed to Produce an international award winning Film with collaboration from all partners on our Blockchain. This film will be back by our native Crypto currency LFDN Tokens.Actors for this film are ready for shooting.We will hire top Hollywood & Japanese creators to produce that film that will storm the entire globe like a heat wave. Only LFDN Tokens will be used to buy ticket from LFD Network online Store portal and Film will launch globally in major countries like USA,Japan,Philippines ,Nigeria,Ghana,Russia ,Great Britain, Spain etc.

The Characteristics of LFDN

We minted a total of 1 Billion ( 1,000,000,000) DGTX for ICO. Of these , there will be only 52.5% that is 525 million put for sale to public.

Hardcap of — 2,370,000 USD

Softcap of — 150,000 USD

ICO dates

Airdrop was completed with over 7k addresses with 3 days and was successfully ended for KYC

1 February 2019 — Pre-Ico round 1 = 30 million tokens to be sold

Presale Round 2 — February 10–70 million Token to be sold

Crowdsale — 20th February-August 6th - 425 million tokens to be sold. With 50%,40%,30%,20%,10% bonuses over time.

Website — fltd.io/Affiliate

Telegram — t.me/lfd_network

Twitter — LFD Network Inc. (@FLTD3): https://twitter.com/FLTD3?s=09

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