BOLTON Coin! New solution for cryptocurrency market

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1.Context of cryptocurrency market over the past two years

By the end of 2017 bitcoin, has made the world pay attention to it when miraculously growing to 20.000$. There are thousands of people participating in the cryptocurrency market with the desire to make a lot of profits. Everyone at the time, believed in a bright future of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Altcoin … This makes the market grow quickly, a concern about cryptocurrency surged.

When everyone believes in 2018 bitcoin will continue its impressive growth as it did in 2017, contrary to expectations is the unstoppable plunge of bitcoins from 20.000$ to just 3.500$. Although the belief in a bit of Bitcoin growth is only in some experts, because 2018 has hurt many people — especially small investors .

What we most easily noticed in the market last year was the chaos, collapse of a series of projects, the death of ICO, investors leaving the market. Reducing more than 80% of asset value is something that investors (especially small investors) have a hard time surviving in terms of their limited capital. Thousands of small investors were unable to withstand the strong adjustment of the bear market, they lost money and had to leave this market.

2. ICO’s death and the arrival of STO

From its inception until the time of really booming in early 2017 to the first half of 2018, more than 4,000 projects have participated in making capital calls through ICO. However, most ICO projects now receive negative feedback.

Some statistics show that more than 80% of ICOs have failed (died, cannot be listed on exchanges, scams..). This indicates that the ICO is not an optimal choice for investors, the amount of profit it brings is too small compared to the damage it causes to investors.

Recently, more and more companies are aiming to launch STO to mobilize capital. This may be the new direction for 2019. The benefits of launching STO over ICO are: Investors receive a token guaranteed by assets because it is basically a part of the company’s assets. Businesses will be more sustainable because it can expand their business. STO also eliminates projects that show signs of fraud by strict compliance with government laws.

3. BOLTON Coin and new solution

The cryptocurrency market is relatively new, strong fluctuations are inevitable, price fluctuations make many investors, miner, and traders lose money. Ensuring profitability in all market conditions is very difficult, but it is time we need to find a new direction for this market.

BOLTON Coin (BFCL) offers a new amazing and unique approach to investing in the crypto sphere, generating aggregates profits from tangible luxurious markets such as gold and diamonds mining, real estate, integrated by eco-sustainable energy and extraordinary form of BTC crypto-mining.

This is a company that is highly appreciated, the company provides customers with the opportunity to share their profits mainly through three major sectors — real estate, cryptocurrency mining, and commodity trading — all activities of which BOLTON possesses elite technical knowledge and expertise.

The project attracted a large number of investors to join, as evidenced by their soft cap completed. This shows the investor’s confidence in the potential of BOLTON, the profitability and future development of BOLTON is very clear.

BOLTON (BFCL) Token holders will profit from the mining of Bitcoin and other Altcoins, benefitting from further price increases without the need for direct ownership. Investors will have the opportunity to realise profits and returns from 15% all the way up to 80%. Even if BTC drops, your investment in BOLTON can still generate returns. Additionally, Token holders will receive priority placements at any оf BOLTON’s array of real estate rentals and preferential rates at any BOLTON properties.

The most important thing of BOLTON Coin lies in the management team of highly experienced professionals in the financial sector and cryptocurrency. This team ensures the future growth of BOLTON Coin, everyone has faith in them.

While the market is very difficult, BOLTON Coin is a new approach to help investors secure their profits. This is a very potential project, it may be a breakthrough project and stereotype for STO in 2019.

About STO

  • Token BFCL
  • Type SecuritySTO
  • Price 1 BFCL = 1 USD
  • Platform Ethereum
  • Soft cap 25,000,000 USD
  • Hard cap 549,740,000

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