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A fact explains that the need for health services is increasingly needed especially for its improvement in various related aspects. This continues to require an increase along with the development of the era to a higher level. There are two main reasons for improving health services, namely costs and demand.

Maintenance costs are increasing faster than the consumer price index in many countries. this is related to several factors that influence it, including the increasing costs of providing health services, medical innovations which include providers of health services and equipment, and the increasing emergence of increasingly chronic new diseases. Progress in the medical world means that more effort is needed to extend one’s life which results in further increases in costs in the future.

In addition, the increasing demand for a better health service system has been proposed by several countries. with the increase in the human population included in the elderly category, causing far greater demand in terms of resources in the living system. Research conducted by The Center for Retirement Research from Boston College states that an increase in medical costs for the population of people in the age range of 55–64 years is 4 times compared to those in the age range of 35–44.6 years.

This increase in costs will automatically affect other sectors to accommodate this increase. Ultimately this shows that increasing costs is not a sustainable approach and an innovative solution. For this reason, the Cures platform offers a solution to this problem.

This platform believes that the most important thing that is the best solution is to involve and empower individuals by taking control and being placed at the center of the system through the decentralization of existing health service structures. Through the development of this platform, Cures believes that it can provide widespread benefits, not only for individuals but also for those who have the same interests to be empowered and involved through various aspects of the system, which are explained as follows.

Perfect competition

Perfect competition or almost perfect competition is achieved through decentralized technology that encourages patients and clinics to be able to make direct contact and can conduct transactions openly and transparently. Patients can send requests in secret, such as dental care or cosmetic surgery. The system will automatically contact all clinics related to the type of treatment the patient wants. That way, clinics have the opportunity to promote their services freely through a comprehensive search system.


At present each clinic is encouraged to provide services that also offer discounts. This from a clinical perspective can improve good financial circulation and also as an effort to increase free capital interest for future expansion. This also encourages patients to get better services at preferential levels, providing further benefits to the clinic if the token value increases.

Maximizing Rare Resources

Through a transferable future contract facility, clinics can transfer this contract to other clinics that are able to perform tasks in a more efficient manner, one of which is supported by aspects of technological progress. As with clinics, patients can also sell these contracts if there is an increase in value or transfer them to friends and family.

Reducing costs

Often when transacting beyond limits, concerns arise about exchange rate risk and transaction costs. However, because payments will be made with one fluctuation, the currency exchange rate will be deleted. In addition, due to technological reasons and eliminating the bank’s needs, there will only be a minimum fee to be transferred in the blockchain.

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