Hyperledger Tool Discontinued! In-dapp credit card payments?

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Blockchain Dev Weekly Digest 11.02.19


This week in Ethereum has been fairly uneventful but still, some pretty useful stuff has been built for us — the developers.


Resource: https://blog.matryx.ai/vuethereum-the-vue-library-ethereum-deserves-de5dc66f1839

Vue.js components library has been built, in order to help you connect your Vue.js web app with Ethereum. Some of the things it can do:

  • Given ABI and address creates a contract instance
  • Given transaction hash shows the transaction status and public info
  • Shows blockie based on hash
  • Shows the status of the web3 of the client browser

Solidity IDE

Resource: https://github.com/System-Glitch/Solidity-IDE

An interesting alternative to Remix has popped up — Solidity IDE. Again based on Vue.js it is robust and very well looking. Looking forward to seeing it progress and why not integrated with some of the major frameworks?

Web3js bugfix release, Buidler released


Web3js has released a new version, mainly containing bugfixes over beta.43. New dapp development framework has been released — Buidler — very configurable through plugins. You can customize a lot of the things like dev library for example.


In-dapp fiat payments is no longer a myth. Enter LimePay. You can now ditch the regular UX of going to Coinbase-ish places buying ETH, going to Kraken-ish places buying Tokens, depositing them in dapp before using it.

All of this can now happen through the very familiar, to the regular folk, credit card payment e-commerce interface. Plug your credit card details and you can execute the blockchain transactions of the Dapp — hasslefree.

All of this is based on MetaTransactions, so at no point, LimePay is in custody of any funds.


ForgAE 1.1.0

ForgAE has released version 1.1.0. It includes history of deployments and updated the sdk version up to 1.3.2.

In case you are not aware of what ForgAE is, you can think of it as the Aeternity equivalent of Etherlime or Truffle. It allows you for easy quick deployment.


Hyperledger Composer Discontinued

Hyperledger team has announced that Hyperledger Composer 0.20.7 would be the last version of the tool as it is now deprecated. That is particularly sad news as the tool is extremely useful when it comes to quickly drafting things up.

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