Lightning Torch Initiative Grows Lightning Network Up to 6000 Nodes

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Lightning Network in the Bitcoin blockchain continues to grow rapidly. Data from confirms that the number of active nodes, channels, and Lightning total throughput is now higher than ever in the entire thirteen-month network history.

In particular, Lightning Torch — a cross-node relay operation, which was supported by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, influenced the growing popularity of the network. According to 1ML, 6,048 nodes and nearly 25,000 channels are currently available, and the network bandwidth has reached 660 BTC ($2.39 million).

The main goal of the Lightning Network is to enable Bitcoin transactions at high speed and without commission, and the network continues to evolve to solve this problem. In late January, it became known that the bandwidth capacity of the Lightning Network in the Bitcoin blockchain increased by 15% over the month. The last throughput record was previously recorded in December and was 500 BTC.

In general, the year 2019 promises to be very active for the Lightning Network in the Bitcoin blockchain — six teams are working on a number of innovations that will improve the quality of the network in the coming months. In addition, in January, Bitfury introduced a number of tools for working with the Lightning Network, and in the middle of last month, the company introduced LN payments on the Polish BTCBIT cryptocurrency exchange.

Author: Marko Vidrih

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