Run Your Node with a Just a Few Clicks

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Nodes are the heart of public and decentralized blockchains. On Bitcoin’s blockchain for instance, fully validating nodes are the ones in charge of verifying that all consensus rules are respected. Mining pools provide the hash-rate to process transactions but fully validating nodes are the ones that protect Bitcoin’s economy. However, a lot of people interested on blockchain technology doesn’t have the knowledge, time or resources to download the entire blockchain and become a full node.

Fortunately, running a node on RSK is now an extremely easy task. Oaknode has made this a seamless process. With no more effort than a few clicks (literally) you can start running your RSK node in a couple of seconds.

Here are some of OAK’s highlights that are worth mentioning:

1 – No technical skill or configuration needed: Run a node in seconds.

2 – Free With No Commisions: No membership or payment is required.

3 – Compatibility: Fully Compatible with Mac, Linux and Windows.

If you want to learn more about running an RSK node using OAK, we invite you to participate on the upcoming livestream which will be hosted this Thursday at XX PM ET local time.

Running a node has never been easier. Contribute to the blockchain economy and participate in the crypto revolution. Get smart, get RSK!

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