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CURESToken offers benefits that can not only be felt by individual users but also group users, such as companies that provide health services. There are several aspects of the system involved in this process, including the following.

Reducing costs

Communities often feel worried when carrying out transactions that exceed the limit because of the exchange rate risk and transaction costs. However, this platform will implement a payment system in one fluctuation in currency exchange rates. Due to technological reasons and the elimination of the need for bank roles, the costs incurred will only apply to the transfer process using blockchain technology. In addition, the CURESToken Electronic Health Records feature will be digitally controlled and access will be given to the right professional to get additional recommendations, consultations, and so on. The costs required in this process can be minimized not only for the patient but also for the clinic involved, in terms of administration for example.

Easy access

To maintain a truly dynamic system, the important thing to note here is that access to facilities is open to everyone wherever they are. The Mobile Health Application (HAPPS) will provide convenience for patients who are traveling to access this platform.


This platform utilizes the blockchain technology system in its application. With the high security guaranteed by this technology, transactions can be carried out safely with the help of a decentralized system. In addition, because this platform implements the concepts of inspection, verification, quality control procedures, and the review system provided, patients can be guaranteed the highest quality health care.


In the long-term trend, like most applied by other tokens, if there is an increase in the price of the token, this can provide additional benefits for patients who not only can receive more treatment services for the same number of tokens, but also can sell tokens with value which increases if they don’t need treatment anymore.


Patients now have more choices to take control of the processes related to their treatment at a time and place that is convenient for them. They are no longer limited to referrals made by doctors or other professionals, but have access rights that are combined with our search and comprehensive review system to make the right choice.

There are many advantages as described above and there will be further benefits not related to ownership of tokens. Through cost reduction, maximizing limited resources, providing a platform to support perfect competition and adding value, this platform will reduce the tremendous burden of the existing health care system where it is predicted to increase over time followed by additional burden.

There are several benefits, both by patients and clinics related to the implementation of health services. For patients, they do not need to worry about the existence of currency value inflation. If the CURES exchange rate increases, they can trade contracts in the future at a higher price. The contract must be transferable to encourage the trade sector or there may be various forms and types of contracts or vouchers among the actors in the system built by CURESToken. This platform also guarantees that the purchase of the current contract can make access in the future to medical services with a discounted price. Patients traveling abroad can buy future contracts that will guarantee quality care. Expatriates abroad can guarantee that health care can be obtained from other countries.

For the clinic, this platform can support increased revenue so that the clinical cash flow can run well. This is a way to obtain financial benefits without interest and guarantee future employment. New patients will be easier to summarize through preferential level offers to the CURESToken community.

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Disclaimer: This article was created in exchange for a potential token reward through Bounty0x

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