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In the era of modern technology and the Internet it is difficult to imagine what many start-up companies had to go through in order to learn about them, they were accepted and loved. It took too much time, effort, energy and of course Finance. Now, with the help of social networks, you can easily and quickly Express yourself, it is only by publishing a small post on your page. And if your proposal is interesting and useful, the chain reaction of subscribers will not take long.

But despite all the possibilities, not all projects have the same sharp and dynamic growth in the right direction. The reasons why this does not actually happen can be many. But often this is due to the lack of its target audience or improperly designed marketing, which would be interested in the same audience. And what is the most interesting such problem concerns both traditional projects and ICO/STO projects, as their reputation and success also depends on the demand of interested users. No demand, no development. No development — no future! It’s simple. Any project needs an audience to exist.

Seeing this need, the team of experts came to the conclusion that the cryptocurrency market needs new solutions that are ready to help in solving existing problems. And the idea of creation — The Collective was born.

About the project

As you have already understood, The Collective is a kind of community consisting of active and purposeful crypto activists who are ready and want to take part in the development of interesting ICO/STO projects.

To do this, The Collective is ready to offer the most convenient platform for interaction between the interested audience and promising decentralized projects. At the same time, The Collective team plans to help develop this or that promising project by demonstrating its interest in their bright future.

Design feature

As for the features of The Collective, they are actually quite a lot. First, The Collective team plans to provide any assistance absolutely free of charge, without charging any money in Fiat or ETH or BTC familiar to us. All they will do is work directly with your project, using your own native tokens. Secondly, The Collectivespecialists are ready to invest their time, knowledge, strength and energy only in those projects in the ideas of which they are 100% sure. And, thirdly, this approach allows all registered crypto enthusiasts in the Collective to see the very potential of the development of a project. Thereby to provoke them on its financing. After all, every self-respecting investor is interested in the fact that his investments bring results, and not turned into a dummy.


If we talk about the advantages of The Collective system, they are obvious:

  • first, in one place will be concentrated a large audience that wants to take an active part in the development of a promising project;
  • secondly, thanks to the team analysis of the Collective developers, the audience will be able to be confident in the reliability of each proposed project in the system, without fear for their investments and their possible loss. I certainly do not claim that there are no risks of loss at all, since the topic of investments and risks comparable to it has always been, is and will be. But here at least they will be minimized;
  • thirdly, the Collective platform intends to offer a number of other functions and tools in addition to the already described features. Thanks to which the client will have access to various social networks, and will not be limited to the creation of any information content about a particular project;
  • fourth, The Collective team consists of experienced and highly qualified people who have rich experience of promotion in social media;
  • fifth, The Collective is able to provide professional support to any ICO/STO project, from the inception of the idea to the implementation of the finished project.

This and many other things are ready to offer the founders of The Collective to their partners and customers who are willing to go in the same direction.

The details of the ICO

As for tokens, as I wrote earlier, The Collective team is ready to accept in payment for its qualified assistance in the development of the native token of a project. The minimum cost of the service is about 25 thousand US dollars.

At the same time, for the operation of its products available within its system, The Collective offers us its own token — Community Development Exchange (CDEX). This token has an ERC20 standard and will be issued in a maximum amount of 8 billion units. The initial cost of which will start from 0.01 us dollars. In total, the developers of The Collective intend to collect Hard Cap in the amount of 20 million US dollars. This money will be used to develop and reward the team of founders, as well as their partners and founders.

The distribution of tokens is as follows:


Given the current situation of the crypto-currency market, it is difficult to assess the future of a project, whether the project will develop or its idea will sink into oblivion. Therefore, the idea of The Collective is close to me and interesting, I would be happy to join the same crypto activists that I am myself. Because for me also remains a very important and controversial point security and the prospect of participation in a particular project, where I am ready to invest their finances.

If for you this kind of community is also necessary and you would like to participate only in high-quality and proven projects, then The Collective is for you. But let’s not forget that before making any decision, it is necessary to personally study this or that project to form the opinion about it up to the end. To do this, I have prepared a number of resources where you can get more information about the idea and the General concept of The Collective.

Official resources of The Collective project:


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