The New Leading Place to Trade Crypto with High Leverage: PrimeXBT

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To the delight of crypto traders all around the world, PrimeXBT officially launched just last week as a new and improved place to trade crypto with more profitable strategies and opportunities than that currently offered by any other crypto trading platform.

The ability to margin trade with up to 100x leverage is just one of the platform’s most anticipated features, alongside the possibility to short-sell crypto-assets in falling markets. This means that crypto traders can now profitably day trade, no matter whether conditions are bullish or bearish — just the same as traditional forex/stock traders have been doing for generations.

Advanced Trading Strategies

100x leverage and shorting is evidently in high demand, with BitMEX as the only other comparable provider in the market, who until now have dominated the role as the ‘go-to’ place to trade Bitcoin with leverage. However, PrimeXBT is now positioned to supersede BitMEX, by providing the very same popular trading capabilities but with an expanded feature-set, that’s further extended to ALL available trading pairs — as opposed to BTC alone.

Enhanced UI and UX

Another way PrimeXBT has improved upon existing trading platforms, is in its clean and simplistic UI design, which makes it an optimal environment for traders to focus at the task at hand. The platform’s layout is highly customizable to suit any skill level; with the option to display only the very basics for novice traders, whilst simultaneously offering highly sophisticated features like multi-monitor support for the pro’s.

What else makes PrimeXBT better than competitor platforms?

  • Prime XBT’s fees are the lowest among competitors, with only 0.05% commission on all trades and asset pairs.
  • You can trade and deposit anonymously with no KYC.
  • Get the best possible market price, with aggregated liquidity in real-time from the 12 leading providers, and with instant order execution to mitigate slippage.
  • The deposit minimum is as low as 0.001 BTC, with alternate deposit options in other crypto’s, USD and EUR.
  • Leverage trade with the simultaneous utility of advanced order types to manage risk, with: stop-loss, OCO and protection orders, as well as the standard limit and market orders.
  • 4-Level referral program — paying out 10x times more than any other exchange or trading platform. Not only will you earn from your direct referrals, but from their successive 2nd, 3rd, and 4th tier referrals.

With each passing day, cryptocurrency is becoming more stable as an asset class, making it increasingly suited to more profitable and advanced trading strategies. PrimeXBT was built to facilitate these profitable opportunities, and in doing so is poised to host much of the industries trading activity in 2019 — there onward.

The platform is live now at Sign up takes less than 30 sec with just an email verification to gain access, so you can very quickly check it out and see for yourself.

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