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From the 3 o’clock sleepless memory block chain WeChat group, to the recruitment website with 100 thousand monthly salary to attract blockchain technical personnel, and then to the People’s Daily has published 3 reports on the subject of blockchain, blockchain media 8btc and Shengliancaijing has just won 100 million RMB and 10 million RMB investment, and even the two sessions on behalf of Robin Li, Zhou Hong Yi and Ding Lei have launched a heated discussion on blockchain technology.

In other words, Blockchain has become a “hot tipic” from the media, mainstream media, ordinary people, business leaders, concept discussions, technology applications and so on.

However, more people are still in the “hmm… I don’t understand” state of blockchain, bitcoin based on blockchain technology is a kind of fundraising innovation? is the trust mechanism created by blockchain technology based on “de-centric” and “tamper-free” really epoch-making significance?

There are also big guys jumping out of the call, “technology is to improve our living quality, not for the money.”

There are divergent views and confusion.

(Id:kwthink) believes that when we talk about a technology, the two problems that always go around are: the principle of technology and practical application, this article will be a simple combing of the technical principles of blockchain, on the basis of which, but also a comprehensive collation of the food and beverage blockchain existing applications, such as in the supply chain, the future, It is also possible to use in catering marketing, logistics, operations, investment, and even system construction.

In order to better interpret the chain of food and beverage blockchain, the reporter invited excellent catering entrepreneurs-four young founder Zhao Gang to do sharing.

At present, the application of blockchain technology is still in the early stage, but there is no doubt that blockchain will be widely used in real-world scenarios, which is an inevitable trend.

Blockchain technology is demonized, how to treat it rationally?

the relationship between blockchain technology and Bitcoin and ICO

When we talk about blockchain technology, we often also mention 2 high-frequency words, one is bitcoin and the other is ICO.

Blockchain is the technical basis of Bitcoin, a digital currency and an early application of blockchain technology, while ICO (first-time tokens) is similar to an IPO (initial public offering) and operates in the same way, simply turning the subject matter of the issue from a security into a digitally encrypted currency. The most famous ICO case is the September 2014 Etheric Square, which raised about 18 million of dollars worth of bitcoin.

Bitcoin, ICO is the “twin brother” of Blockchain, and these brothers in the blockchain are always and return on investment, financing “shoulder back”, so when those who do not think the truth is fooled into the “coin circle”, the allegations about blockchain scams are endless.

Do not seriously study technology, seeing is believing, blindly pursue the hot topic of blockchain, there are some stage problems when going to fits, called Blockchain is a scam, this is to deal with the problem when a typical “I don’t want to listen, I don’t want to listen” immature mentality, which is the blockchain and other things are demonized reason.

After a preliminary understanding of blockchain technology, Kwthink thinks that blockchain technology has a disruptive significance, for its buckle “scam” hat and Kwthink felt deeply regret about it. But these tokens are now a bubble and speculation, therefore, it is necessary for the food and beverage owners to shine their eyes, to distinguish the authenticity.

First of all, to clarify a relationship is: the concept of blockchain is not in the beginning, but a technology extracted from Bitcoin, this is the 1.0 era of blockchain technology, now the blockchain, there are more than 40,000 kinds of digital currency, and the vast majority of tokens are based on the “Ethernet” generated “smart contract”, “ Etheric Square “This open source project, the blockchain to the 2.0 era, Bitcoin or other coins, their technical principles are the same.”

Bitcoin, for example, now holds the most bitcoin miners, who are no longer miners, but a large number of speculators and investment institutions, which is the reason for the continued rise in the price of Bitcoin.

As Zhao Gang, founder of Four Yong, puts it this way: “The people who now enter blockchain have 99% are not motivated by pure motivation, they are not thinking about how to use blockchain to create application value, but want to be rich. Blockchain technology applied also needs a process, therefore 2018 so-called restaurant blockchain is a concept to fool people.”

So, with so much speculation and such a messy market, can we not issue digital money?

The answer to question above is NO, because the application of blockchain technology cannot be separated from the issuance of digital currency.

As long as you want to do blockchain technology applications, it is necessary to issue digital currency, because there is a need for a “miner” to support your account, “Mining machine bookkeeping” is required to pay, at present can only be achieved by consuming the “coin”. And whether a currency is “copycat coin” can only be left to time to verify.

Blockchain technology is a technological innovation, its core characteristics are de-centered and tamper-proof.

Some people say that blockchain technology is a kind of fund-raising innovation, in fact, this is a typical cognitive misconception, by the so-called army of speculators to disturb the cognition, blockchain technology is a kind of technological innovation, not a single technology, but a comprehensive technology system based on the integration of a variety of research results, the most indispensable of which is the consensus mechanism, The principle of cryptography and distributed data storage.

The core characteristic of blockchain technology is de-centric (also known as de-intermediation), which is a technology system with open technology, data storage, non-tampering, and no repudiation.

In popular terms, it solves the core problem of doing business throughout the ages-trust, which guarantees trust among strangers through a series of technical systems that can facilitate the conclusion of a transaction without the intermediary of authority.

For example, the core issue of Alipay to solve the problem is the “trust” between buyers and sellers, now the Ant Financial valuation has been quite high, of course, Alipay is still a central system, and until the era of blockchain starts, it is bound to be a scene, which is why the current bat is in the layout of blockchain.

In the future, industry insiders say, there may not be a form of the company, in bitcoin support projects, no matter who, when they are free to join, the project is not running on capital, but reward mechanism, everyone is a shareholder, are working hard for their own projects.

In his TED speech “Blockchain will change money and trade,” Don Tapscott said that since the birth of the Internet, we have achieved information sharing, which is the meaning of the Internet; Suppose we have a huge, global ledger, any asset, whether it’s money, music or anything else, Can be stored, transferred, traded, interchanged and managed through this ledger, and there is no need for powerful intermediaries to participate at all, which is the meaning of blockchain.

Zhao Gang believes that blockchain technology is of great value, it will bring light to the changes in the digital economy era. Bitcoin, born in 2009, is an iconic event, supported by blockchain technology, which breaks the “dark” box of traditional banknotes, allowing every movement of digital money to be “chained” while protecting the privacy of participants.

Blockchain technology as a new thing, there are still many people have doubts, is blockchain technology omnipotent? What kind of scenario does it really apply to? After communicating with Zhao Gang, the reporter summed it up into the following aspects:

1) The characteristics of blockchain technology are suitable for multi-party participation scenes, but also applicable to unilateral or bilateral relations.

Blockchain technology is distributed, mainly to solve the problem of consensus and trust, whether it is multi-party relations, unilateral relations, or bilateral relations have the need to use the trust mechanism of the situation.

First of all, the example of bilateral relations, enterprises and enterprises between the trade, such as the first delivery or the first payment of the problem, can be solved through blockchain technology.

And such as a company, it seems to be unilateral, but there are many individuals in the company, people, and formed a multilateral relationship, therefore, blockchain technology can solve the problem of equity distribution, but also to solve the problem of corporate bookkeeping cannot be tampered with.

2) The efficiency bottleneck of blockchain is constantly being broken down, so it is suitable for the activities of high frequency trading.

The efficiency bottleneck of blockchain mainly lies in the consensus algorithm, and the consensus algorithm has different implementation methods in different scenarios.

For example, Tencent Blockchain uses a self-developed, efficient adaptive consensus algorithm that can be confirmed in seconds. Compared with the beginning, the efficiency of blockchain is now an exponential improvement. Moreover, the technical gods are still improving the performance of mining, with a variety of algorithm theory has been studied, will inevitably continue to improve the efficiency of bookkeeping.

3) Through the technical mechanism of blockchain, the privacy of traders is more easily guaranteed

Blockchain emphasizes the realization of the way of urbanization, through the innovation of technical level design, so that the relationship between people and people’s trust in the process of value exchange has been transformed into the trust of people and technology, and the protection of privacy in the mechanism has been strengthened.

The traditional transaction identity information has the possibility of information disclosure, such as all participating traders need to provide identity information, and are stored in the center node, the central node has the possibility of attack, theft, resulting in the trader’s privacy disclosure.

In the trading mechanism of blockchain technology, all participants are identified by the encrypted ID in the blockchain. On the one hand, all traders are not required to provide identity privacy information, to protect the privacy of traders from being compromised, and the same trader can use multiple IDs to achieve the purpose of privacy protection, so it is more suitable for scenes with high privacy requirements.

4) Blockchain should break through the Internet’s information interconnection, so as to realize value interconnection

Now, there are 2 ways to reach a transaction: based on trust, and based on a contract with a legal effect, however, these still create disputes, and neither side of the transaction can verify the accuracy of the other party’s information.

However, after the application of blockchain technology, all the information is traceable, as long as the owner of the data authorized consent, the authorized person can see the most accurate data.

Assuming A and B are making a deal, whether it’s money, music or something else, before trading, you can make sure a is there, and you can freeze it, and when you meet the rules in your code, you’ll automatically go to B, and no one can change the rule, so you don’t need a powerful intermediary to get involved, which makes the value interconnection.

Dining Blockchain applications: issuing tokens, trading with Bitcoin, using blockchain technology to help food security, logistics, finance, etc.

As mentioned earlier, the principle of blockchain technology is clear, the foreground can be period, but the essence of blockchain is technology, the so-called technology, it is necessary to bring real changes to human life, that is, the landing of technology, application is the truth, reporters summed up the current blockchain technology in the catering industry several application cases, for your food and beverage boss Reference.

1) KFC launched a package “Bitcoin bucket”, Yoshinoya consumption send digital currency

KFC has launched a set of “Bitcoin barrels” in Canada that can be purchased with Bitcoin, which is known to include 10 original chicken wings, waffles, chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes and french fries for 0.0010305BTC. It sells for about CAD 20 (about 103 RMB), based on the price of Bitcoin.

Note that KFC is launching a package here, rather than launching a token, which can be launch in a digital currency such as Bitcoin, meaning that KFC has allowed Bitcoin to be used for real goods and services transactions in Canada, just as we accept RMB payments and dollar payments.

Yoshinoya, located in Beijing South Railway station, also operates an event using dog coins for purchasing for each meal.

At present, Doge is now the global average price of 0.0055 U.S. dollars, 24 hours decline of 8.95%, market capitalisation 36th, because of the low price of dog coins, by netizens called “cheap”, according to people familiar with the information, Yoshinoya this is to promote Suweia ordering, as long as the Suweia order will get the dog coin reward, Yoshinoya is nothing more than a co-promoter of Suweia.

2) Kao and the Russian Burger King release digital tokens

Kao and the Russian Burger King directly released the digital tokens. Kao shop issued the name of the tokens called “coin”, their model is also different, Kao shop is aimed at suppliers, the Russian Burger King is aimed at customers, their play method is as follows:

A. Kao Shop (Kao鋪)

Kao Shop was founded in 2015, the cuisine is mainly baked products, at present, with the cooperation of food suppliers have about 40.

Kao has developed a blockchain technology that is used in the food supply chain in the hope of implanting it into the merchant systems of the various nodes of the supply chain (production, procurement, transportation, trading) and issuing its own virtual currency-DCT token to these merchants.

As a provider of blockchain technology, Kao Shop, using its “tamper-proof and de-centric” features, allows individual suppliers to maintain the same database, thus ensuring the security of data.

A man once joked that catering enterprises and supplier’s relationship is like cats and mice. If you don’t pay attention to its cost, 3RMB of a pound of ingredients will be transformed into 30 RMB of a pound, it will produce a huge cost; those cunning suppliers even said: “ We are sorry again for any inconvenience it may cause you.”

If blockchain technology were applied to the supply chain, it might be possible to spend less effort on cat-catching rats.

At the end of the food and beverage supply chain, whether it is the traceability of food and beverage materials or information transparency issues, can be solved with blockchain technology, so that catering enterprises can obtain more cost-effective safety ingredients.

In Kao paved its own supplier ecology, Kao shop is the “central bank” of the coin, and the first batch of cooperative supply chain merchants is the coin mining machine.

B. Burger King, Russia

In the August 2017, the Russian Burger King issued his own digital tokens Whoppercoin on the blockchain. The restaurant chain has already posted 1 billion digital tokens on the platform, according to a local report.

It is reported that the Russian Burger King issued a digital token of the main purpose is that the company will use digital tokens as a means of payment to reward customer loyalty points, for example, customers can use the phone’s Burger King app to scan receipts and pay tokens.

But kwthink think this is business strategy for ordinary points replacement, which for blockchain technology, quite a bit of a good meaning, a catering enterprises issued 1 billion of their own digital tokens, just to maintain customer loyalty, but there is no obvious way to liquidate, which is a bit of a lack of clarity.

3) JingDong, Ali, FMeimei, Walmart, with blockchain technology to carry out traceability anti-counterfeiting, protection of food and security.

The main way is to ensure data security, this idea in other industries have also been widely used, such as finance, public welfare, commodity counterfeiting and other fields, in the catering industry, blockchain technology application scenarios have food data security, logistics distribution data, in this regard, Jingdong, Ali and other enterprises in the forefront.

A. Fresh

Jingdong using blockchain technology to build the “Jingdong block chain anti-counterfeiting traceability platform”, in the future, users purchase fresh food through the Jingdong app to find orders, click on the “one-click traceability” or directly scan the product traceability code, you can query product information.

B. Overseas milk powder

Ant Financial Technical laboratory announced the opening of blockchain technology, support the import of food safety traceability, commodity authenticity traceability, and so on, the first landing scene will be overseas milk powder brand tracking, the first batch of 26 brands from Australia, New Zealand milk powder.

C. Food

Retail giant Walmart has also launched blockchain technology, it is understood that before the use of blockchain, Walmart on a branch of the mango traceability test, six days 18 hours 26 minutes to trace to the original mango’s farm. With the blockchain technology, it can provide consumers with all the information they want in 2.2 seconds of processing time.

D. Lunch Box

Intelligent Rice Machine Brand Fmeimei is the same, its retrospective data is written to the blockchain in the moment it is generated, and each process node of each product can be traced back to those responsible.

4) Ali blockchain technology to help logistics

February 2018, the rookie and Tmall International officially announced that blockchain technology has been activated to track, upload, verify the cross-border import of goods logistics full link information, covering production, transportation, customs clearance, inspection, third-party inspection and other goods import process, for each cross-border imported goods to play a unique “ID card” for consumers to check and verify.

5) Tencent uses blockchain technology for instrument certification to reduce financial flaw.

Tencent has applied blockchain technology to the field of Bill authentication, which solves the problem of certification of Bill uniqueness.

You know, one of the big reasons for the difficulty of listing food and beverage is that the authenticity of the data is questionable, and the data here refers to the data related to finance, and the financial flaw in the catering industry will be reduced under the support of blockchain technology, which is undoubtedly beneficial to the whole industry.

Future application direction of food and beverage blockchain: marketing, merchants joining, System, new economic model.

Blockchain refactoring is the overall cost structure of the catering industry, just as takeaway for the food and beverage industry subversion, Blockchain will also cause huge business changes, and as long as there is change, there is a chance.

Blockchain has been in the catering supply chain, logistics, finance and other aspects of the application of the journey, the future, will be in the marketing operation of Catering, investment to join, the system to produce order and logical reconstruction.

1) Marketing Operations

In fact, the meal companies represented by Yoshinoya and KFC have tested water on marketing, for example, by spending dog coins at Yoshinoya, while KFC supports buying packages in Bitcoin.

When a new technology was first introduced, the most common way to use it was marketing, as in the case of previous VR technology, relying on supermarkets or restaurants to develop an experience area that, for restaurants, could attract attention, increase passenger flow, and promote Bitcoin or other digital currencies in restaurants.

However, this does not reflect the “heroism” of the blockchain.

For example, the core technology of the block chain is decentralized, if food businesses are working on the advertising, buying traffic time, cannot through intermediaries, such as Eleme Inc, Meituan etc., because “there is no middleman include so the typical cost can be reconstruction.

2) Merchants join

As mentioned earlier, the Fmeimei has used blockchain technology for the data tracking of all aspects of the product, and it is now also demonstrating that the sales data of some intelligent vending machines are placed on the blockchain to be opened to the franchisee, so that the franchisee can publicly view the sales data in real time on the blockchain.

The catering industry “fake join, real fraud” examples are endless, many franchisees worry about the payment of franchise fees, brand support is not enough. In this situation, you can solve through blockchain technology, first define a good rule, for example, franchisees put assets in the blockchain, the brand side of each completed a certain support, The system automatically transfers assets to the brand side.

3) System

Blockchain is a technology, no matter what kind of application, need to have the system to support. Is the system to implement these ideas, so if need blockchain technology to applied in it, it need to change the system first.

4) New economic model

Synchrolife will create a central restaurant recommendation platform, using the new economic model of tokens, connecting users and restaurants, using artificial intelligence, Ethernet smart contracts and native tokens based on the ether square.

Synchrolife’s vision is that gourmet enthusiasts around the world can earn tokens by sharing accurate information, providing high-quality restaurant reviews, and also plan to create a database of user eating habits, restaurant preferences and tastes, providing each user with personalized restaurant recommendations.

At this point, the accuracy of creating an information is closer to 100% than ever before, because the more time and effort users put in, the more tokens they receive, and based on blockchain, the restaurant’s information is held in real time by consumers, which makes it easier for customers to know which information is fake.


At present, the application of blockchain technology in the field of catering is still relatively limited, but its imagination space is huge, it can guarantee the trust between strangers with lower cost, subvert the traditional cost structure, optimize efficiency.

The continued rise of Bitcoin, shows that people’s recognition of blockchain, more and more people began to pay attention to Bitcoin, but still need to note that there are still a large number of bubbles exist, therefore, to dig more application points, really let blockchain technology applied, so that it can play its due value.

Just as many people do not know the TCP/IP protocol of the interconnected shading layer, just enjoy the services provided by the Internet. The same is true of blockchain, where ordinary food and beverage bosses may not need to understand the principles, but when new things appear, they still have to pay attention to them, because, perhaps, the spark has become a prairie, such as takeaway services.

And when new things are born, there are often a lot of opportunities, you catering boss in the process of learning to understand, must experience the impact on the traditional business thinking, therefore, with a continuous learning attitude to embrace the blockchain, in order to embrace the future business opportunities.

2018 for the catering industry, is an important development and change of the year, “retail”, “intelligent”, “supply chain” has become the key words of this year’s catering industry.

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