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World health is a health population in a global context that has been defined as a field of study, research, and practice that places priority on improving the quality of health and achieving fairness in health for all people throughout the world. The problem that goes beyond national borders or has the impact of global politics and economy is currently a concern for various groups in the world. This causes world health to refer to improving health throughout the world including mental health, reducing inequality, and protecting against global threats that ignore national borders.

Over the past few years the medical world has shown its progress, where microorganisms that are currently a major threat to health because most of them cause tuberculosis and malaria, have been identified further so that health scientists can develop vaccines and penicillin for their treatment.
Through global cooperation and medical progress, other challenges arise. Platform Cures brings together a number of these problems and creates modern technologies to help solve them.

In a non-decentralized system, there are a number of problems, including bureaucracy, inefficient health insurance and the distance to achieve these medical services. CURESToken offers a global project that can exceed the boundaries by using a system of blockchain technology that can reduce waiting times which tend to be slow so as to enable greater transmission of the disease. This can be overcome through this platform. With the number of human populations included in the elderly group, the human immune system currently tends to be lower and vulnerable to disease transmission. This can be a more serious and life-threatening problem.

The process of paying for health services today tends to be complicated and often delayed even not at all. This is due to expensive transfer costs and uncertainty in exchange rates. Using CURES Token, the risk of exchange rate fluctuations can be avoided. Transfers can be done immediately at a very low cost.

In many countries it often takes a long time to get good quality medical services. This is also exacerbated by the need for energy and draining costs. The CURES Token decentralization system facilitates the reduction of these barriers to ensure quality medical care can be provided in accordance with patient comfort.

Because the nature of health service offerings is decentralized, causing complexity in the recording and communication system can be hampered or even lost. This is very unfortunate if it happens because it can actually be avoided. The use of CURES Token helps reduce the potential for interference. Smart contracts will ensure that transactions run smoothly and as defined in the contract, this can be done without intervention from third parties. Because of the strong nature of the security, records are stored and protected from various bad actions that may occur by all parties involved.

Because it covers a global scope, reviews or reviews are an important part of the research of medical service providers. However, some reviews are often made not based on facts so that they are considered misleading to the public. Often a clinic does not serve new appointment appointments because it has a large waiting list. To ensure transparency and trust in the review system, only users who have received health services and completed transactions can provide reviews. This process is uniquely identified through the system and once verified, users are allowed to send honest reviews of the medical services they receive, whether good or bad.

The CURES Token platform believes that by involving itself in the community as well as empowering, this can take control of the general problems faced in the health care system through the decentralization of existing health service structures. In addition, this platform is very confident that through the scope that they create, not only individual patients feel the benefits but also all parties working in this field.

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