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As we eagerly await ETHDenver 2019, we wanted to share that Zilliqa will be hosting our first bounty this February as part of the ETHGlobal series in Denver. Having attended ETHSingapore, we are looking forward to connecting with the Ethereum developer community and collaborating with hackers from all around the world to #BUIDL the future of finance.

Zilliqa is a scalable smart contract platform that aims to tackle the congestion issue brought on by gas limits and bandwidth. Zilliqa utilises a sharded architecture to achieve parallel processing of transactions while maintaining a large number of public nodes, resulting in its ability to reach higher throughput and process more complex computations. ETHDenver will be the first hackathon after the launch of Zilliqa’s production-ready mainnet. We hope to leverage this opportunity to enable #BUIDLers to create a bridge between Ethereum and Zilliqa blockchains, such as a cross-chain atomic swap or an off-chain oracle API, for example.

As the Zilliqa platform utilises Scilla, a newly created domain-specific functional programming language, we have prepared a number of sample contracts, tools, and documentation for developers, to help with quickly adapting to the language.

zilliqa-js — A web3 Javascript library similar to ether.js. This is a mono-repo package library that you may use to handle wallet creation, executing transactions and contract deployment/invocation. All documentation for methods are included in each packages’

Scilla — The Scilla binary for type-checking and executing smart contract functions written in Scilla. Under `scilla/tests/contracts` you may find several familiar smart contracts such as fungible token (ERC20) and non-fungible token (ERC721) contracts.

kaya-cli— A RPC server that simulates a blockchain behavior, similar to ganache. You may spin up a local RPC server with 10 preloaded accounts/keys to test your dApps before deploying them to the Zilliqa testnet. (The Zilliqa mainnet will be available for smart contract deployment after the end of its bootstrap phase, which is expected to be at the end of Q1 2019.)

Scilla documentation — The documentation for Scilla, Zilliqa’s smart contract language. Find out how the Scilla binary and type-checker works, and understand the semantics of Scilla by learning through examples.

JSON-RPC documentation — The documentation for JSON-RPC methods that you could use to interact with the nodes on Zilliqa.

If you’d like to learn more about Zilliqa or reach out to us for a chat, you can contact us via our Gitter channel and technical forum.

Edison Lim, Blockchain Application Developer, and Han Wen Chua, Developer Advocate, will be at the event and ready to answer any of your questions about Zilliqa and Scilla. We look forward to seeing you there!

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