Distributed Digest: Wednesday, February 13, 2019

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February 13, 2019 7:30 PM

Parity Ethereum gets proactive on security fixes, LeapDAO lands on mainnet, and the Gods Unchained-CryptoKitties partnership provides lessons for interoperability.

Your daily distillation of crypto news for Wednesday, February 13, 2019:

Parity Protects Its Users

The team at Parity released a security update for its Parity Ethereum client last week related to remote procedure call (RPC) requests. Extending upon this earlier update, another security-related fix, 2.2.10-stable and 2.3.3-beta, has been released to address “many similar RPC attack vectors.” The latest update is the result of Parity’s collaboration with external researchers to better tackle these types of issues.

Like the previous update, the most recent release applies to Parity Ethereum nodes serving JSON-RPC as a public service. Although the client’s default setting is not to serve JSON-RPC, the team encourages all users to update their Parity Ethereum nodes.

LeapDAO Jumps to Mainnet

Following its testnet Zeta deployment on Thursday, February 7, LeapDAO announced today that it has launched its Plasma mainnet. The team invites projects developing digital assets to “register [their] ERC20 or ERC721” tokens, maintaining that these coins “will be transferable faster and cheaper on the Plasma chain.”

Like testnet Zeta, the mainnet runs on LeapDAO’s Driftwood software. However, the team advises individuals to use the mainnet at their own risk, as it “has alpha quality” and has “not [been] audited yet.”

LeapDAO hopes to introduce contract upgrades in the future through its Minimal Viable Governance model.

Dapper Labs Reflects on Interoperability

Last month, CryptoKitties joined forces with Gods Unchained to release special items in each game. With the crossover event in the rearview mirror, the crew at Dapper Labs – the group behind CryptoKitties – has analyzed the results of the campaign.

Some key stats include 8,544 cat talismans created in Gods Unchained, while 248 Aeoncats were sold and 3,992 Tally the Purrocious Cats were bred in CryptoKitties. Further, Dapper Labs noted that the game experienced a 17.5 percent increase in active users the day the crossover event began, with an overall 30 percent higher player activity rate throughout the campaign.

Although Dapper Labs was able to extrapolate key insights related to dApp usage and activity, perhaps more importantly it reflected on the future of interoperability. Dapper Labs asserts that the main issue to achieving interoperability among dApps is the set of rules that must be programmed into the EDCCs (aka smart contracts). While the team believes further interoperability is “a hard problem,” it’s one that it is “excited to overcome.”

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