[Project5] Refer friends, recieve unlimited PIBBLE?

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Another day, another explanation about our ongoing Airdrop Events.

This one I am excited to explain as you can earn unlimited PIBBLE?!

Wait…Unlimited PIBBLE?

Yes, you heard that correctly, unlimited Amounts of PIBBLE.

IMPORTANT! All PIBBLE from this Event will be paid AFTER the event is completed (March 4th).

So here is how you participate:

Invite someone to signup for Project5

  1. Suggest a friend to signup for Allbit https://allbit.com/project5/vote and give them your PIBBLE Wallet Address.

2. Your Friend completes the Google form and inputs your PIBBLE Wallet Address https://goo.gl/forms/STzrcQHIhtd28NWM2

3. Your friend completes a transaction to buy PIBBLE Tokens (minimum 2000 PIBBLE).

You recieve 1,000 PIBBLE bonus for their Signup and 1,000 PIBBLE for their 1st Daily transaction (only 1 transaction per day starting 9am KST).

How much could I earn if that friend does a transaction every day?

Earn up to17,000 PIB from your referrals transactions!

But how can I earn unlimited PIBBLE?

The more people you invite who do one daily transaction (purchasing more than 2,000 PIB), the more you can earn!

Ex) You invite 10 people, they all do a daily transaction for 10 days, you earn: 10 people * 10 transactions * 1000 PIB = 100,000 PIBBLE!

Look at the current Top Performers (estimation)

So so much PIBBLE.

Good luck and invite everyone you know!

Again, all PIBBLE from this event will be sent AFTER Project5 ends on March 4th.

Want to see all our other Project 5 Events?

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