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Venoty is a digital currency platform that makes it easy for users to make payments instantly to anyone, from all corners of the world. This platform uses peer-to-peer technology to operate the system so that all types of actions are carried out through computer networks. Venoty uses blockchain technology that is decentralized so that this platform is not connected with the central authority.

This platform develops its use to support children’s needs, with its own content, and this system was created and developed by experts in the field of information technology and education. Venoty is planned to be a platform in the future that supports perfect access to guide children in the process of developing their personalities.
Venoty is designed for parents who are responsible for their children, who want to educate their children to develop creativity and facilitate them with well-structured, balanced and correct information as they need, from birth (even before) until adolescence.

This platform introduces an online-based environment through blockchain technology. Technically, the blockchain system is a database or media storing distributed data, which is distributed through many computers without any control from the center. This can change the system of government, economics, business and organizational functions. In addition, this platform not only facilitates the process of Bitcoin transactions, but also provides other forms of services and commodities.

Venoty is the first platform that helps develop children’s personalities through creativity where they believe that education is an important factor that determines the characteristics of a child. Venoty created its own currency with the same name digitally where Venoty coins can be used for various purposes related to instant payments to anyone. Venoty is launched using a scrypt algorithm which they believe is the most appropriate algorithm to use today. This algorithm also shows its characteristics that are in line with the objectives to be achieved by this platform. The functions that they offer to users include proof of egalitarian work, enabling payments anonymously, wallets with encryption security, high transaction speeds, convenience for conversion, and efficiency in the coin mining process.

The Scrypt algorithm provides the benefit of enabling everyone who has the ability of the CPU / GPU to mine Venoty coins. This algorithm uses ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) and uses DGW (Dark Gravity Wave). DGW is an algorithm for adjusting open sources for Bitcoin-based currencies. DGW has similarities with Kimono Gravity Well that adjusts the difficulty level of each block by using statistical data from the last block found. This allows the timing of block publishing to remain consistent even though the hash strength fluctuations are still high. However this does not affect the possibility of experiencing time-warp exploitation.

Venoty realizes that the use of blockchain technology is currently only focused on the financial sector. But this platform believes that they are ready to offer more opportunities to guarantee the security of user identities and ensure that data exchanges are run in special protocols. Venoty knows that the technology they created can move and be well received in the world of education that is protected by security. In this platform, children can develop their personalities in a balanced and natural way. They will get supervision and guidance by their parents who in this case can act as facilitators to support the way children get their knowledge through play, imagination, and creativity.

Venoty provides various types of information that are well structured and provides various resources needed by children so that they obtain good methods in their development through the “organized disorder” method. This method is applied in various forms of games that educate children, ranging from poetry to puzzles, fools sound to foniatric exercises, activities involving mathematics and interactive verbal activities. This platform will make their best contribution to inspire children and develop their ability to think creatively.

The purpose of Venoty is to establish a complete multi-cultural platform based on blockchain technology. This can make it easier for children to use it and can access it for every field of learning for users who come from various ages and nationalities. Venoty wants to give everyone the opportunity to connect to each other using one common language, namely “our language”.

Thank you for reading my article, for more information please click the link below:

Website: https://ico.venoty.com/

Telegram: https://t.me/venotycurrency

Twitter: https://twitter.com/venotycurrency

Whitepaper: https://ico.venoty.com/wp-content/uploads/wp/Whitepaper.pdf

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