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From the makers of the Ethereum game hit HyperDragon 🐉 comes the new game HyperSnakes 🐍 Combining a PvP game style with the game classic Snake. Pre-register until Feb 27th & win prizes!

From MixMarvel — the makers of HyperDragon — Register for the upcoming HyperSnakes!

Welcome to the new and amazing HyperSnakes world! A competitive multiplayer battle royale version of classic Snakes game with added securities with blockchain and sure to please your entertainment needs. Pre-register exclusivly on imToken 2.0:

  1. Enter the Candy Bar DApp in imToken 2.0’s Browser
  2. Click on HyperSnakes & pre-register
  3. Join the official telegram group for more information and community here

The link to the beta testing will be updated in the telegram group within 2 weeks after the end of the preregistering. Stay tuned for updates!

Pre-register and receive benefits! 💰

Pre-register until February 27th to receive the benefits, when the HyperSnakes beta will be released as well.

Once HyperSnakes beta is online, simply open the game using your wallet address and receive a triple bonus gift:

  1. Exclusive limited-edition skin ⛹
  2. 18,888 game gold coins 💰
  3. 5 Snake Coins 💸💵💴💶💷

From HyperDragon to HyperSnakes — MixMarvel’s Blockchain Games

After being in the top 5 blockchain games for many weeks with it’s first hit HyperDragons, MixMarvel team is releasing HyperSnakes aiming to continue exploring proven gaming principles. Based on blockchain to ensure the maximum security and return of value for the players’ invested time, HyperSnakes is going to be a truly massive multiplayer real-time competitive game.

As both veteran game developer and crypto enthusiast the MixMarvel team focuses on developing the very best gameplay, graphical entities, and user experience.

As MixMarvel’s team members themselves are gamers, they develop fun and enjoyable games with a focus on quality. The game is based on blockchain technology with Snake as the core gameplay where players can battle other snake players around the world and defeat them and pick up coins from the field.

Kill snakes on a battlefield to win prizes on Ethereum 🤯 What could be more fun?

HyperSnake’s Gameplay

Control the snakes to avoid the opponents and prevent them from being swallowed by the dangerous poison circles! During each battle, only one snake king will survive to win and receive the grand prize! Other players in the same game will also have corresponding values as rewards.

HyperSnakes lets you accumulate real value in the game through investing your precious time! Players with great maneuvering skills and greater experience will be rewarded.

Open imToken 2.0, pre-register for HyperSnakes today and be part of a great game from the beginning!

Check out HyperSnakes’ Game Preview🐍

About imToken

imToken is the world’s largest Ethereum digital asset wallet, whose users produce ~10% of all Ethereum transactions. imToken provides access to Ethereum, BTC and EOS.

Our amazing new imToken 2.0 International introduces features, such as:

  • BTC Segwit, ETH, EOS wallet support
  • Address book synchronized over IPFS
  • Native DEX integration: Tokenlon
  • Secure Cold Wallet setup
  • Open DApp browser
  • DApp News Feed

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