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Ethereum Constantinople hard fork, postponed due to the critical exposure, will probably take place today.

It will be accompanied by St. Petersburg upgrade aimed to remove the previous upgrade from the Ethereum test networks.

You will recall that along with improving the efficiency of Ethereum network Constantinople should lessen award for miners from 3 ETH to 2 ETH and to push the so-called “difficulty bomb” back. This function should complicate mining; once activated it would make Ethereum mining unviable — as a result, the cryptocurrency should switch over to the Proof of Stale algorithm. But that is postponed indefinitely making the “difficulty bomb” put-off quite logical.

Many experts feel certain that once Constantinople becomes operative Ethereum volatility will shoot up just as it happened after other hard forks.

Uncertainty rules supreme today at the market and it is likely that Ethereum exchange rate changes dramatically. Many analysts are sure that Constantinople is to cause further driving up costs for the cryptocurrency.

But the influence of wild cards is not clear yet, the hard fork may be postponed once again eventually. Get ready for whatever comes — and don’t forget to HODL!

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