Global Property Register on the blockchain powered by Artificial Intelligence.

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Global Property Register on the blockchain powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Global Property Register is the FIRST global blockchain register. Through the power of blockchain technology they provide a service to the world where people can register their property easily and flexible way and make them sure about their credibility and security about their property register. In the present time their is no authentic way to prove your ownership about your properties and its take a lot of risk and tension where you are going to deal with buy and selling properties in the real state.

Global property will provide proof of ownership for the over 4.5 billion people ($20 trillion value) around the world who are currently are not covered and they are totally out from the real state and financial markets. Global property register become a first universal real estate register which is covered both develop and developing countries.

Global property register exchange

Global property register is provided a Global property exchange too. Global property exchange and serve as an international digital real estate marketplace to all market participants. This provide analytical solutions and tools powered by Artificial intelligence will be provided to property owners enabling them make wise decisions and projection. Finally, to educate the populace a social network for users of the platform will be created. This is also provide a platform where you can easily buy and sell property around the world.

Mobile App

Once you’ve entered into our ecosystem, you can manage everything.
Anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection can use our solutions and upload his/her land or property on universal blockchain register.

About XRX token

The XRX Tokens are a blockchain and crypto currency project aimed at create a brand that will be a benchmark in the property industry, remove corruption from property registration, educate people on how to leverage their real estate and gain access to financial markets, bring about transparency with the aid of blockchain, and create a vehicle for people to invest in a great global property register and earn reward on their investments.


XRX provide following products.

XRX – Socio

Social Platform for property owners. Token reward system.

XRX – Title

Blockchain register for property ownership – Token reward.


Artificial intelligence for property owners.

XRX – Sale

Cryptocurrency exchange that enables people to buy and sell property.


Watch this video for more information..

How To Buy XRX Tokens

Visit official website and register on the website

Early Bird Bonus. The right way to help investors is by integrating all reward programs into the platform and display how much and where they can save their money. When we save this money for investors, they can reinvest the saved money. During the pre ico you can get 40 % big bonus.

Distribution of Tokens

Fund Allocation


They have strong team members behind this project with great experience in the field of real estate, cryptocurrency, blockchain technology etc.

For knowing more details about the team members kindly visit official website.



Real estate is notably one of the most stable form of investment and it involves a little amount of risk as an investment mechanism. The global total value of
developed real estate is over 228 trillion USD, which is higher than the total
global traded equities and securitized debt instruments put together and in the year 2016, its global transactions volumes reached about 661 billion USD.

So in terms of future scenarios their is a big chance of adoption XRX and global property register.

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