Terrae Game Journal |02| A few reasons for reading this article

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Fundamentalists of value
One portion of people we are attempting to catch are those who believe in the intrinsic value they furnish to virtual assets. We are monetizing all assets by supporting them with a staked token. You will be able to trade all assets owned by your profile, which can be exchangeable in an exchange.

We also take into consideration those who simply want to do whatever they think is the best for them. Our team is designing Terrae to allow players to create their personal strategy. With long-term game balance and plenty of instruments, you will have the means to play boundless ways: aggressively, defensively or even neutrally (by arising exclusively by trading).

Let’s face it, a great deal of people simply wants to crush their enemies… Good news, you are also included in our scheme! Taxes, popularity and other reasons, will incentive though emperors to lead over their area. Since some of you are more than ambitious, there are bound to higher taxes available for the more developed country in the whole Terrae world.

Last but not least we won’t forget those who don’t have plenty of time to spend in the game, but still, want to take part in our targeted public. We think that limiting the number of movements will drastically even every gaming lifestyle while not affecting those players who spend more time. Rome wasn’t built in a day, likewise you will be able to manage your kingdom with barely an hour per day.

If wanted or even required, spend time planning and studying nearby players behavior as much as catching insane offers in the marketplace will give you a massive advantage over your neighbors.

Trade, Conspire & Conquer!

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