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As the world moves closer and closer to mass crypto and blockchain adoption (but believe us, we’re really not that close), events regarding these themes seem to pop up more and more throughout the world. Each country has a different approach to the blockchain and cryptos, and it’s important to understand those individual approaches to understand the role of the blockchain in each respective country and what better way to learn about it than to attend events in those countries? We’ve compiled a short list of some different events being held in Asia in the upcoming months that might help you fix your focus on the Asian market.

Asia Crypto Week — Hong Kong

11–17 March 2019

Already started, Asia Crypto Week and a weeklong conference held in Hong Kong where independently organized educational and develop-focused events meant to encourage and facilitate mass adoption are being held. Blockchain newbies, enthusiasts, and veterans alike are in attendance and it’s the perfect place to get first-hand information about the industry.

Teamz Blockchain Summit — Tokyo, Japan

6–7 April 2019

At this event held in Tokyo, Japan, blockchain innovators who have already established both themselves and their enterprises will come together to help expand the industry past the cusp of its current circle. You will find innovative projects, global influencers, investment banks, traditional VC’s, and many more at the forefront of their field coming together to share ideas, discuss controversial topics and overall trends, and all things future. At this summit you can explore all things blockchain and crypto, network to your heart’s desire, and build lasting business relationships.

World Blockchain Summit 2019 — Taipei, Taiwan

25–26 April 2019

Part of a global series, Word Blockchain Summit is happening next in Taipei, Taiwan where it will connect big blockchain and tech players from all over the world with emerging startups, regional businesses, government authorities, IT leaders, tech entrepreneurs, investors and developers, and more. This summit will include, use-cases for enterprise and government, inspirational keynotes, panel discussions, tech-talks, blockchain exhibitions, startup pitch competitions, and an array of other networking opportunities.

Why are these events important to you?

When trying to enter the blockchain market in any of these countries, they have their own laws, rules, and customs that they follow. Every market is different and it’s important to be firmly aware of that market before you enter it. In short, you need to localize your materials. The only problem with that is that your materials are probably all in English, but the majority of these Asian countries don’t speak English. So localization calls for translating your materials.

What better way to enter these markets than to visit these countries and get firsthand experience, and network with some of the industry leaders in those countries?

And don’t worry, you can prepare all your materials for these events in a simple and easy way, with a company that understands these markets already so that you don’t have to do that research yourself. PolyTranslate is a professional translation agency that specializes in the blockchain and fintech spheres, and Mandarin and Japanese are two languages that we specialize in. Click on over to our website to get started with a free quote, and start your localization off right. And hurry too! These events are all happening soon!

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