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Did you visit our exchange yet? You can visit our exchange at Currently, our platform is 80% functional as we are making final adjustments. We are predicting that our platform will be fully functional around April.

Meanwhile, I wanted to update you regarding our referral program.

Here at Bitsmo, we love communities and always welcome new traders. That’s why we are offering a very generous referral program where referrers can earn up to 40% commission by following 3 simple steps below:

  1. Referrer needs to have an account with Bitsmo first. By creating an account with Bitsmo, the referrer will be able to generate a customized personal referral code.
  2. Referrer can then send the code to the person they are referring.
  3. The person who is receiving the referral must create an account with the code receiving from the referrer.

After the person you referred completes each transaction, you will receive commission in the currency the original fee was paid in.

The percentage of commission chain are as follows: 30% -> 15% -> 5%. If the referrer is holding more than 1000 BTSM, the commission chain will be: 40% -> 15% -> 5%. Please find an example below.

Let’s say you refer a friend name Bob. Then you will receive 30% commission from Bob’s transaction (40% if you hold more than 1000 BTSM). Then, let’s say Bob refers Sam. Then you will receive 15% commission from Sam’s transaction. Then, let’s say Sam refers Mary. Then, you will receive 5% commission from Mary’s transaction.

There is no limit to how many friends you can invite but the chain of referral will be limited to 3 traders.

The referral bonus program will begin around April. Please be on the lookout as we will be announcing the promotion date soon.

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