Dear Bernie, to “Complete the Revolution” with Cryptocurrency is Egoistic Altruism at its Best.

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Hail Mary solution to the impending Sixth Extinction? Bank the billions of unbanked & enable the collective will to conquer existential threats like Climate Change, instead of wasting precious time overfishing, overforesting, poaching, polluting, & warring out of financial greed & desperation.

Dear Senator Bernie Sanders,

A unified world of people rallying behind the shared bittersweet experience of belonging to the last human species, marveling at beautiful wonders of the natural world, and collectively cooperating with one another against existential threats, all the while acknowledging life as a rare privilege afforded to us independent of our consent, was a utopian dream conjured up in the imagination of my younger self. I reckon you would find it much more agreeable to the antithetical status quo, a harsh reality shaped by divisive consequences of tribalistic tendencies across the whole spectrum of society.

Intrigued by a Daniel Carr fantasy coin embodying an indigenous Lady Liberty called the “Amero”, I once found romance in the idea that the exchange of money from hand to hand, akin to a friendly handshake, can bridge one part of the globe with another in the name of peaceful trade. Sadly, this romance was never meant to be. The failing Euro experiment has shown it does not work as evidenced by economic collapses in Greece, Ukraine, Ireland, Portugal and Italy, Brexit, and now France, where the aftermath has trickled down to ongoing violent “gilets jaunes” protests on the streets.

20 Ameros (design by Daniel Carr) —

James Burke, a brilliant science historian deserving of greater attention, is the guy behind some of the best T.V. I have ever seen (Connections and The Day The Universe Changed, among others). In simple terms, he taught me that unrelated chaotic events have a tendency to converge into revolutions that pop into existence out of thin air like big bangs, often when they are least expected. The Internet revolution took us by surprise and naysayers came out in an abundance. Now it’s crypto’s turn. Repudiated by critics as a fad and a scam, it’s déjà vu all over again. I am part of an exponentially growing community who genuinely believes we are experiencing a paradigm shift in money taking place right before our own eyes. We can either stand aside as a detached bystander or be an active participant.

Fiat money has shown it’s on its way to becoming a defunct, outmoded idea. Ever since the gold standard was abandoned, it has replicated like a virus on the verge of prompting a worldwide pandemic. Allowing banks to devalue our hard earned money is arguably criminal. Now add austerity and fractional reserve banking to the mix and things get ugly really fast. Bitcoin and other decentralized digital assets offer a uniquely different solution to the fiat money problem, which could be our last opportunity to save ourselves from ourselves before we run out of time and succumb to the Sixth Extinction.

We are distracted by our own indecent living standards with insufficient clean water and income to afford food, shelter, education and medical care. No wonder we live in a such paranoid and depressed society of desperate people merely trying to stay afloat from drowning in the very debt incurred for these basic needs. Advertising assaults that saturate our media with the message to consume more or else be left behind only add insult to injury. How I wish our society was healthy enough to focus keenly on collectively overcoming the depressing growing list of threats to our existence instead. No wonder why we have yet to discover evidence of “intelligent” life elsewhere in the universe!

The Hail Mary Solution — Bank the Billions of Unbanked

A solution we now have that Occupy didn’t, Bitcoin, the “Internet of Money”, has extraordinary potential to empower not only the so-called “middle class” here and abroad, but also billions of the poorest people the world over who don’t have access to traditional banking with autonomy, freedom, and control over their own financial decisions. Now add additional protective measures enabling our invaluable right to privacy — fulfilled by cryptocurrencies as Verge which conveniently incorporates anonymous stealth transacting as an option — such financial security and independence could very well prove to be the catalyst humanity longs for, sparking the emergence of a global collective will to contribute time, expertise, funding, and other helpful resources en masse required for action on matters where governments have failed. We must free money from systems that are broken and catch up on lost time by putting it to good, productive use.

Bank the billions of unbanked & enable the collective will to conquer existential threats like Climate Change, instead of wasting precious time overfishing, overforesting, poaching, polluting, & warring out of financial greed & desperation.

If we are what we eat, then time is how it is spent — wasted into a precious resource of which we are rapidly running out. It once took us less than a decade to step foot on the moon, a remarkable testament to what we can achieve, but now we have no choice but to find the collective will again for moonshot missions not for purposes of exploration, but of survival.

  • Reverse Climate Change
  • Replace Fossil Fuels with Renewables
  • Clean all Earth’s Water Systems and Drinkable Water Supply
  • Clean Our Air
  • Cultivate a Sustainable Food Supply
  • Provide Universal Health Care
  • Eradicate Global Debt & Eliminate Poverty

These are just a few humanitarian missions that are desperately needed to not only offset but reverse the extensive damage we incurred since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution to our physical and psychological health and planetary home, Carl Sagan’s “Pale Blue Dot”.

Now onto a sensitive yet completely understandable topic that always arises when I tell people I’m a proponent of both Bitcoin and climate action. There is no dispute that proof-of-work cryptocurrencies require energy to mine. The Bitcoin supply is finite, fixed at 21,000,000 coins, so we will come to a point when it will no longer consume as much energy as it does now. But until that happens, we need to both put things in perspective and also take additional action. Bitcoin is arguably less damaging to our environment than fiat currency itself. Bitcoin also puts less stress onto our ecosystem than the world’s banks combined, not to mention military and war. If Bitcoin is going to follow the trend serving as a hedge against the rapidly devaluating dollar, we must be forward thinking and prepare ourselves to do whatever it takes to adapt. So let the mass adoption of Bitcoin serve as a catalyst for the mass adoption of clean, renewable green energy. Perhaps Elon Musk can offer his assistance in this regard.

We must act swiftly to unleash the power of digital assets like Bitcoin by building infrastructure that is simple to use to even begin liberating the planet and ourselves from the current hostage crisis perpetrated by devolved Social Darwinistic runaway capitalism, a grotesquely oppressive and profit-hungry system notoriously addicted to oil and war.

I implore you to watch Kurzgesagt’s “A Selfish Argument for Making the World a Better Place — Egoistic Altruism.” I firmly believe perpetuating worldwide adoption of this new incredible technology to “Complete the Revolution”, is egoistic altruism at its best.


C. K.

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