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The world of technology is now very sophisticated and very popular in all public circles. Technology is the number one supporting tool in the world, where almost all people in terms of doing anything are certain to use technology such as doing business, doing work and even finding any information.

The world of technology is now growing very rapidly, not only in Indonesia and even in other European countries. In a very modern country like now all is done using internet network access. Almost all the technologies developed in the world facilitate internet access speed. Blockchain technology is a very global technology where they continue to update the current sophistication of a product.

As many of us see today, all people need high speed internet access, for example, nowadays almost all companies promote or do business using the internet, not only that for students who have earned a bachelor’s degree to get all the information related to job vacancies, they must use technology who have fast internet access to find out all information accurately and quickly, not only that companies that open job openings now also recruit employees online, in contrast to the past all employee recruitment was done manually. So that with the speed of internet access that is fast, it will make it easier for the company to find candidates, and for applicants who apply to the company also requires speedy internet access so that it can perform all processes perfectly and quickly.

In a world that is all electronic like when technology is equipped with speed internet access is very popular. The term now internet access speed is the heart of everyone, because it is the main subject of society in the world to know the development of the present. So Blockchain technology is launching the latest innovation from their development, DigitalBits. DigitalBits is a network of internet access speeds equipped with IoT devices on each of the digital technologies in the world. DigitalBits is very beneficial for all humans in the world because DigitalBits is a decentralized and transparent network for its users and can be used by all groups in the world.

Each of the latest innovations from the Blockchain technology all have systems in place. Where the DigitalBits implements a Bride server system that is a bridge server, where this server must be on DigitalBits because this server is useful for security who use it. the usefulness of this server is to maintain security using digital networks. Where with this system users who use this network can continue to be monitored by this Bride server, because the digitalBits network itself is not only used as knowledge to obtain information, but also can be used as a medium in terms of payment transactions, in terms of our payment transactions there needs to be security because of course all circles want transactions to legitimate owners, so to avoid any forgery in ownership of this server can connect between recipients and senders when needed, so that both parties know or recognize the identity of both, thus eliminating the feeling fears of fraud.

Each of the latest technologies from the Blockchain has many benefits, such as first DigitalBits can provide internet access speed for all people, both DigitalBits can be used not only as a medium to find out information but as a network for payment transactions, the three DigitalBits networks provide high effectiveness, fast and accurate for users who use it, then DigitalBits provides strict certified security in order to prevent criminal acts in terms of making payment transactions because digital technology can be lading as a fraud for some people, but DigitalBits users will be protected with certified security in order to maintain all network access it uses and to provide trust to users of this network.

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Website: https://www.digitalbits.io/

Whitepaper: https://storage.googleapis.com/westart-files/digitalbits-pre-sale/DigitalBits_Whitepaper_2_2.pdf

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