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When KyberSwap reached out to its users regarding proposals for product features, one of the more popular requests we had from all of you was for a crypto price alerts tool. An alert is a notification on your mobile/email/telegram whenever the underlying token hits the price you have set.

The challenge with existing tools is that they might flood your mobile with notifications not just for alerts, but also for many other news. It is very common to miss price alerts in the pile of other notifications. At KyberSwap we have attempted to solve this problem by introducing Kyber Alerts.

Alerts can be set for all 70+ tokens available at KyberSwap. For example — You can set alert whenever ETH/USD < 120 or ETH/USD > 133. Whenever an alert is filled, notifications are sent on KyberSwap web, via email and via telegram. Alerts notifications will also be sent on KyberSwap iPhone app (coming soon).

We will soon have trade buttons on these Kyber Alerts for you to instantly execute any trades based on your alert price.

How to set an alert ?

When you log into KyberSwap (No KYC needed), you’ll notice the bell alert icon at the top right. You can set basic alerts by selecting primary token and price level. For mobile app users, Alerts can be created straight via the token page or via Setting → MANAGE ALERTS.

Creating KNC / USD price alert on

Instant notifications

You’ll receive a notification on KyberSwap web and iPhone app. You will also receive an email and a message on telegram. You can disable / enable these channels via Settings.

Alert notification will be sent via push notification, telegram and email

Selecting your Alert Notification methods

Click NOTIFICATIONS and you can choose to be notified either via Push notifications, Telegram, Email (if logged in using email), or all 3 methods.

Alert History

You can view all your triggered alerts under FILLED. You can click on the same alert bell icon to check your alert history on KyberSwap web.

We hope you will enjoy using Kyber Alerts.

Have feedback ? Just reply here and we will reach out to you.

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