Network Threats and How to Stop Them!

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They sound straight out of a superhero/horror flick or a bad James Bond movie. The Same Machine Sybil Attack. The Poison the Well Attack. The Teleportation Attack.

As the XYO network was being built, CEO and Founder Arie Trouw, Mobile Developer Andrew Rangel and white hat hacker extraordinaire, Jack Cable, sat down and thought of all the ways nefarious individuals could compromise the security of the system.

The names above — and a few others — are laid out in the XYO Red Paper.

This Red Paper is a fascinating dive into XYO security, from vulnerability all the way to mitigation.

What happens if a hacker aims to undermine legitimate nodes on the network, to try and raise the credibility of illegitimate nodes? What if an attacker tries to pass off data that is valid, but incorrect, for pure personal gain? What happens when an attacker fakes their location, and “teleports” to another location in the network?

All of this, from scenario to analysis to summary to mitigation strategy, is laid out here, in the red, paper.

But don’t stop at the Red Paper, remember to get your fill of our other papers, from the White Paper to the Yellow Paper to the Green Paper to the one-page summary. We’re building content that takes you right inside the network, and we hope you enjoy our library!

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