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What is the ShareMeAll project?

The ShareMeAll stage is a blockchain startup propelled by Easy Free. The stage is a worldwide commercial center — a spot where clients can set available to be purchased everything that they can adapt: products, administrations, utilized things and considerably more. The idea of the undertaking — the capacity to trade anything. The rule of the task is deal. It was the deal framework that shaped the premise of the task, and there are sensible bases for this. The designers modernized the customary routine with regards to trade by incorporating current advances into the procedure.

For a large portion of us, our wages are the aftereffect of assessing our own or expert abilities. Simple Free offers a gander at the idea of wages, then again, when we can use for adaptation actually everything that encompasses us: our own gifts, innovative capacities, proficient characteristics. Additionally, looking forward, I will say that the stage will utilize an adjusted instrument for the closeout of merchandise and enterprises, just as another see rental lodging.

All clients can cut costs for the administrations they accommodate free. Clients who don’t have such a significant number of eSwitch markers can dispose of these hindrances by giving a securities exchange or different kinds of administrations to get this administration with their very own hands. ShareMeAll permits clients, yet additionally organizations to stay aware of this framework. Organizations can procure salary by selling any products specifically on the ShareMeAll stage. They can purchase crude materials from another provider for their pay.

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Website | Whitepaper | Telegram | Ann Thread

Vision of ShareMeAll

Clients of the administration will offer their administrations or items to the people group for a specific measure of eSwitch. After the administration is finished or the item is disseminated, this number of eSwitch moves starting with one portfolio then onto the next through the blockchain. Accordingly, any exchange starting with one portfolio then onto the next will be verified by a keen contract. To accelerate the dispatch of the stage, while making a record on, the client can offer administrations or items to the network. Contingent upon the quantity of administrations and items offered, the client will be appointed an eSwitch number in his portfolio. The greatest eSwitch limit earned for each record will be set to stay away from false advantages or administrations given by the stage. If there should arise an occurrence of extortion location, Simple Through and through freedom be qualified,

How about we investigate what ShareMeAll stage comprises of and what focal points it offers to its clients:

Administrations. Every one of us has some sort of scholarly or specialty ability, or builds up the possibility of ​​know-how. It is this learning or capacity to share ShareMeAll. Clients can openly offer their administrations to the network, depict what they can do and how they can be valuable. Subsequent to depicting their aptitudes, the client sets the ideal expense of their administrations in eSwitch tokens.

Lodging. These days, individuals increasingly more regularly utilize the administrations of leasing condos or rooms through different B2B, B2C or C2C stages. ShareMeAll clients will almost certainly discover settlement choices. For instance, you travel to another nation and can discover a space to go through the night. Or on the other hand you please a work excursion to another city and you can likewise discover a spot to remain. In the event that you have a free condo or you are prepared to give a vacant room — put the declaration on ShareMeAll and the visitor will react to your declaration by paying for the administration with eSwitch tokens.

ICO information

Token: eSwitch ESW

Project protocol: ERC-20

Exchange Rate: 1 ETH = 194 ESW

Soft Cap: 2,000,000 €

Hard Cap: 7,000,000 €

Total Supply: 60,000,000 ESWITCH

Amount reserved for ICO: 15,000,000 ESWITCH

Accepted payment currencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, US Dollar, Euro

Token sale start: January 15 2019 @ 8.00 am

Token sale end: May 15 2019 @ 11.59 pm

Ico prices

Pre-ICO– Jan 15 2019- Mar 14 2019: 0.50 €/ ESW

ICO– Mar 15 2019- May 15 2019: 0.80 €/ ESW

Post-ICO– After May 15 2019: 1.00 €/ ESW

Allocation of tokens



CYRIL PIERREFEU — Founder and CEO. An alum of science qualification, originator of Cyril Pierrefeu is an enthusiastic business visionary, orderly and visionary.

CHRISTIAN LE CLECH — Director and CTO. Continuously roused by exceptionally goal-oriented business issues.

DEEPANSHU BHATT — Marketing Director. Dipansu is an accomplished blockchain innovation and showcasing proficient. He can speak with individuals.

JONATHAN FLORES — Sales Manager. Jonathan is a team lead with involvement with new innovations. He has a staggering feeling of sharing themes that intrigue him.

Project Rating


Having built up a powerful and nitty gritty stage, ShareMeAll joined the trade economy with the blockchain and actualized a special stage. This venture, which has never been found in the realm of digital forms of money, is overseen by a group that takes an interest in such renowned tasks as Petchain and Laneaxis. It is fast paced and innovative project according to my research and analysis which is going to bring a revoultion.

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