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The development of Blockchain technology is very rapidly developing where each update of the Blockchain technology itself has each benefit or benefit that can be obtained by the user itself not only for the user but for the company and even the technology itself, as we know that Since the invention of the bitcoin currency and cryptocurrency from the Blockchain technology, which is driven by algorithms, Blockchain technology has begun to move to other applications ranging from the implementation of intelligence from digital technology to the internet network to solve problems from an IoT device installed to digital innovation. data structure that has a very common problem, namely the limited internet network for users so that all circles can use digital applications, but users cannot use it in remote places that do not have Internet network or WI-FI.

Wise Network will utilize all innovations to build Blockchain technology to become more developed. Where the latest Blockchain technology continues to provide an overview of the data structures and algorithms currently available to implement a decentralized system, together with evaluating the Blockchain technology it provides a system with the implementation and processing of high quality transactions.

Decentralized technology has emerged in recent years to participate in secure communication, all decentralized technologies are based on keys that are implemented by the product, namely the public key and private key. Where we often hear the word public and the word private. The public key itself is that all users can see other users registered on the platform, a private key is confidential, that is, users who want to see other users need acknowledgment from the user they want to see so that when the user is verified, the user it can see other users.

Decentralized technology from the development of Blockchain, one of which is WISE NETWORK, which provides many benefits to many users, namely:

  • Can provide unlimited internet networks so that all those who use them can easily access information or interact with anyone without obstacles and obstacles that occur.
  • Can be used as a payment transaction medium if needed if it is in a place that cannot be reached by cellular networks or WI-FI
  • This WISE network provides high speed, fast and accurate facilities.
  • Security in the WISE network is guaranteed because it is equipped with certified security.

The internet network that has been created in the world is very much applied by each digital technology, when viewed from the perspective of device connectivity of a network there are many variations including:

Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN)

This network can access the internet up to 1 km, where WI-FI for the current era is very important for the general public to find out the growth or information in the world.

Low Power Area Area Network (LPWAN)

A network that will be developed on technology in the future, namely in 2025, it is expected that all IoT device technology will be installed by LPWAN, where up to 2 billion devices will be installed in the network. Where on this technology is very promising for the durability of the battery with a communication range of more than 20 kilometers.


Where we know that the cellular network consists of 2G, 3G and 4G has long been one of the internet networks implemented. Where this cellular network has very limited connectivity which is inaccessible to regions that cannot access the internet network. And now there are 5G that are still in the development process where this network promises the latest connectivity that can provide benefits that provide Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) services for residential users and small businesses.

As explained above, the network developed is the main topic in terms of the range of an IoT device technology. Where with the latest innovation of Blockchain technology, WISE, it is very different compared to the various networks above, because it creates WISE to be used as a solution that occurs in the world of subject technology in unlimited internet coverage that can be accessed by all people general so that it can be accessed without any internet distance limitations or without restrictions.

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