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The Kraken is the famous cephalopod-like sea creature in the Scandinavian folklore of the giant size. Base on the Norse sagas, a Kraken stays off the shore of Norway and the Greenland and terrifies nearby sailors. Over the years authors have assumed that the myth may have come from sightings of the giant squids that can grow up to 40–50 feet or 13–15 meters in length. The fearsome appearance and sheer size credited to the Kraken had made it the common ocean-dwelling sea monster in different fictional works. The sea creature Kraken had become the center of the many superstitious sailors leaving the North Atlantic, especially the seafarer from the Nordic states due to the close propinquity and its Scandinavian sources. Throughout the era, the Kraken had been the staple part of the sailors’ superstitions and myths being heavily connected to the sailor’s ability of narrating a tall tale.

The English name Kraken was taken from the Norwegian and Swedish language. In both Swedish and Norwegian Kraken is the exact form of krake, the word designating a harmful animal or something misshapen which is cognate with an English crank and crook. In the recent German, Krake plural, while the declined singular Kraken, which means octopus, but, may also pertain to the famous Kraken. The Kraken is also the Swedish so named as noaord for the whales, the noaord being the term for trading the names to shun summoning something; the form of euphemism which is an antonym of tabu.

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