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The community is certainly familiar with the term blockchain and cryptocurrency. these two words are attached to one another and continue together in running a system. everyone who makes transactions using digital coins or tokens is sure to understand the working principles of these two terms. In short, the blockchain can be said to be the current technology that helps the process that occurs in the cryptocurrency system. this technology is very reliable to ensure the security and success of the cryptocurrency transaction process. cryptocurrency itself is a term that describes a digital financial system that uses digital currencies. Digital currency consists of many types where all are issued by their own digital platforms. The digital platform can be said to be the company that oversees the activities of this digital currency. Any digital tokens or coins that have special value can be exchanged with other digital tokens with the help of blockchain technology. The task of the blockchain in this case is not only limited to ensuring the smooth transaction process but also supports data security. each transaction will produce data in the form of detailed information about the transactions carried out, starting from the date, hour, type of token transferred, number of tokens transferred, and other data. This data can be said as proof of the transaction which of course has been digitally validated. This data is protected by blockchain technology so that it cannot be misused for certain actions that violate the law and harm the user. Each data is stored permanently so that the contents cannot be changed. This is how blockchain technology works.

Many people today are changing course because the digital financial system provides more benefits and can be directly felt. To support the public’s desire to transact using digital systems, Skelpy offers itself as one of the digital platform based on blockchain technology. The role of this technology will specifically facilitate people who are still not familiar with the digital financial system. Skelpy will provide a good understanding to the community and then be able to join them. The adoption of the current digital financial system does not cover all levels of society. but this is seen as a form of great opportunity to engage more deeply than other platforms.

In reaching users into its platform, Skelpy offers several facilities. Everything is applied to support its role in people’s lives which is very closely related to financial transactions. Today’s modern society can use the Skelpy facility to make payments or receive profits in the form of coins or digital tokens. The transaction process will take place more easily and quickly. If the transaction process carried out by a conventional bank takes a short time, Skelpy can complete the transaction process within 8 seconds. The speed of this process is what makes people very interested in the digital financial system, especially for business people or executives who each time race against various types of activities. Their busy life makes them need a system of financial transactions that takes place quickly and practically. This function is strongly supported by the Skelpy platform. This platform is highly recommended to them.

Skelpy has advantages compared to other digital platforms. this platform supports several system functions such as private key recovery, crono pay, ex seller, and ex converter. These four functions are the main foundation for Skelpy in delivering digital transaction services. users who want to join must register first to submit a Skelpy account. This account can later connect users with millions of benefits and ease of transaction. The registration process will apply the provisions of KYC / AML and CTF where each user must be free from all kinds of actions that violate the law. After registration is complete, users will immediately get a personal account and a digital wallet. This wallet is secured using a private key. If this key is lost, the user can restore it with the help of the Skelpy system. Users can then access their account as usual.

The chrono pay feature serves to help the transaction process to run automatically. This feature has not been found on other platforms at this time. Users can set a special schedule to make payments automatically. This feature will make it easier for those who cannot access the account when the payment schedule arrives. The ex seller feature is used to assist the process of purchasing SKP tokens. This token is available in the amount of 70 million tokens. Users can make purchase transactions through this feature. They can also sell SKP tokens in this network. Every user who wants to make a currency exchange can use the converter ex feature. This feature will make it easier for users to exchange their Skelpy tokens with other types of digital currencies.

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