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Bcnex was first established in 2017 by a Vietman named Ngo Hoang Quyen. He was assisted by his colleagues, Vo Tuan Anh and Pham Van Phuong, together to build this digital platform to accommodate digital exchange transactions. bcnex has many benefits that can provide a better experience for each user to access this platform. Supported by the reliability of the blockchain technology system, Bcnex guarantees high security for all operations that occur within its network. In addition, Bcnex also supports process stability that can run the program in accordance with the commands of the user. By implementing strict procedures, Bcnex ensures the security of each user to transact with other users.

Every user can get the opportunity to join this platform. The application design and website are also designed as simple as possible but still look elegant. Each user can access both easily and exclusively even though they are just starting their steps on this platform. Bcnex helped strengthen the system so that it made this platform a trading machine with fast latency. Each data is also stored safely and the accuracy of the data displayed is also not in doubt. With a high level of scalability, Bcnex is able to support large transactions of up to 2 million transactions in 1 second. This will make it easy for users to make transactions and do not need to worry about the threat of process failure.

Users will be given the convenience of receiving and sending their digital assets. This is because Bcnex uses blockchain technology that has the nature of decentralized work. Bcnex will not involve other parties in a transaction contract. This activity will only occur between users with one another and the Bcnex platform. Transactions will be carried out directly. Users can immediately send their digital assets and other users will also not take long to receive the transfer results. Bcnex supports processes with high liquidity. This will prevent delays in processes that are deemed unnecessary due to the involvement of other parties as intermediaries.

Bcnex facilitates various types of digital currencies to be exchanged for BCNX tokens. This exchange is useful to facilitate users in completing a payment transaction that requires certain types of digital currency. So that users can freely shop for anything and can exchange the BCNX tokens that they have with digital currency that is applied by the shop where they shop. For the initial stage, BCNX tokens can be exchanged for Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bytecoin (BCN), and Tether (USDT) currencies. Other types of digital currency will also be supported by Bcnex and are currently still under development. This platform service system is open 24 hours a day. If there are things that are not understood by the user or if there are further questions, they can contact Bcnex at any time. This platform continues to improve its network performance so that it can include greater adoption. this will not only benefit Bcnex but also every user in it. The team working behind this platform will continue to provide services to users who have complaints or technical problems immediately. So that every user is expected to carry out transactions safely and without any constraints.

Bcnex publishes a digital token called BCNX, as mentioned earlier. This token will be launched as many as 200 million BCNX tokens and this amount is the maximum amount. Bcnex will not issue new tokens if all of these digital tokens are sold out. BCNX tokens adopt the ERC223 standard token issued by blockchain technology belonging to the Ethereum platform. This standard is used to improve security and reduce the risk of losing tokens. Users can obtain these tokens at prices between 0.15 to 0.45 USD. From the sales of this token, Bcnex targets to be able to raise a minimum profit of 2 million USD. While the target for maximum profit funds is 15 million USD. Every investor who wants to invest with Bcnex must provide a minimum of 100 USD for public investors, while investors from angel investors must provide a minimum investment fund of 5 thousand USD.

This BCNX token has many uses. This token can be used to trade, buy and sell other digital currencies through the Bcnex platform. Users can also pay transaction fees using this token which will automatically be deducted when making transactions and will have the opportunity to get incentives up to 75%. BCNX tokens are limited to distribution on the cryptocurrency market. every unsold token will be burned so that it can help increase the value of BCNX tokens in the digital currency trading market.

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