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The creation of technology is currently growing rapidly, where an advanced technology in the world has a network system that is applied by each technology, where almost all technologies are now centered on interference in the network system that is applied, because the network system is applied or currently installed on a technology is the main advantage of a technology product developed or created by a company based on digital technology.

Technological developments continue to be carried out almost all over the world, even carried out continuously related to the development of parallel levels of general intelligence of a product, where almost all digital technology companies make developments to discuss current network systems. So that a digital product that results from the development of Blockchain technology, WISE, is launched, where the latest products from BLockchain technology do not stop at this product, we know that BLockchain technology continues to develop related to intelligence from digital technology that can be accessed by all people in the world, where the Blockchain technology continues to improve the quality or quantity of the latest products it creates to provide benefits not only for the present but for the future.

We need to know that WISE is a protocol that is responsible for providing internet access to all people by relying on radio waves and connecting all technological devices between one another to create a level of internet access for the latest and most current information usage.

Blockchain technology is currently growing rapidly where it not only affects technological development but also affects the economy. As we know that all digital-based technologies are now all installed IoT devices to support all other digital technology applications, the role of IoT with the level of intelligence supported by Blockchain technology is very constructive in the economic field. Where all applications certainly provide a scalable network that supports the workload of the many IoT devices installed on each digital technology.

This WISE platform can provide the architecture of Blockchain technology that allows speed of transactions and allows users to get the latest information without any limits. Where WISE creates a number of specific chains in unlimited applications where it remains connected to a collection of other networks with this the network can handle IoT subsystems that are problematic in a network installed on digital technology. So that it can be said that this WISE can be used as the provision of a decentralized and transparent network support, where these products are created on the basis of support from the POO (Proof of Ownership) system to provide applications that are needed for all groups without interaction or similar interactions with humans to gain knowledge.

WISE is equipped with a virtual layer where this platform can provide decentralized applications that support the performance of an intelligent digital technology machine to save the security of a user of the technology itself which greatly influences the company’s economic growth as we can make our identity decentralized or our digital currency is also decentralized or can be said safely by using this WISE network.

The WISE network also introduces the system used, namely the ANSUZ CHIP system, which is a microchip analog signal (AMC-SOC) -based system that is useful for communication via radio waves in various frequencies with locations where cellular services or WI-FI services are not available. with a built-in tensor processor and hash accelerator so that all IoT devices in each of the other digital technologies that require unlimited networks can access all information and can make shipping transactions whenever and wherever you are. Microchip itself also learns about network distribution, which converts artificial neural networks (ANN) to improve security for each user, and the ANSUZ CHIP also creates a high level of performance from a technology machine without having the capacity to interact with each other.

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