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Wise network aims to overcome the main problems that occur in IoT (Internet of Things) so that devices can connect with other devices easily and through intelligent systems. This connection between devices allows users to share data through reliable system operations. At the beginning of the emergence of blockchain technology, this has become a serious concern for many people, especially information technology developers. This is partly due to the reason that this system is a system with a high level of security, decentralization, immutability, high program capabilities, and other security that can benefit IoT devices. In the blockchain system, networks running inside can tolerate errors and hold up to 1/3 node failures. In the Byzantine fault tolerance model, components are left to fail in the system if their conditions are damaged, the connection is lost, or if the output is dangerous.

Data on this server can also change, which means it can be changed at any time. Distributed data, on the other hand, are not stored in one location, but are distributed between network nodes. After a block of data has been verified, it is then added to the top of the previous block. In this case, he made a string of verified data and prevented any verification of its development. After the data is added to the blockchain, it doesn’t change. There is no way to change data because each block contains a hash (or a series of numbers and letters) that links it to the previous block, and so on. That alone makes a transparent beam chain. Fake blocks will not be able to generate identities on the blockchain.

By integrating the means of interaction between IoT devices, imaginable interactions can be developed between devices. The limitations of the fragmented IoT device communication methods currently prevent manufacturers from updating features without having to update the hardware itself. This means that if the function to be applied is beyond the capabilities of hardware or communication technology, the hardware itself must be modified to facilitate the functions needed. Although this is true in most cases for all devices, versatile connectivity tools will significantly reduce the need for separate drivers and adapt to several different communication standards because the standards will be universally identical. Apparently, random devices will be able to connect and communicate with each other in ways that were previously impossible. The vehicle will be connected to a parking sensor. This can simplify the process of trying to find a parking space, and the car itself will be able to empty itself.

This product is a pillar for people around the world because this is the latest BlockChain product that can access information or interact with anyone in a location that is not accessible via the Internet, using these products available throughout the world. when you get the latest information or can easily make transactions and payments in any field. For example, in a highly sophisticated world, such as transport trucks that can operate numerically, that is, with this product, transport trucks can easily pay tolls or parking that is used automatically. Using the Wise Mesh Network can help workers pay for certain services and can generate savings when you pay for certain services and save time when you work. With the development of the Wise network that can be accessed from all corners of the country, it can even be used in remote areas, making it easier for people who live in remote areas to obtain information or facilitate interaction with others. without going through intermediaries, so that remote communities can get the latest information. needed.

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