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Databloc is specifically designed as a software that can be used as a digital storage medium. This digital storage media will provide greater efficiency to its users. Every company tends to require very large storage media because of the large amount of data they have to manage. Databloc provides the right solution for this need. Every user, both individuals and companies, can receive this data storage service. In addition to being more efficient, storing digital data in Databloc will provide greater security. each data will be protected so that it doesn’t experience any damage or change. This is very important to note because every data stored certainly has its own importance.

Databloc is built on a digital plate with the same name that uses the power of blockchain technology. This technology provides reliable security guarantees which have been proven by hundreds of digital platforms throughout the world. Blockchain technology has the principle of permanent data storage. Every data stored in it is protected by an encryption key that is very complex and complicated. This will make it difficult for any party that intends to hack the network in order to obtain data in it without permission. These properties are utilized by Databloc in protecting every data. in addition, data can also be ensured to be safe from all risks of damage and remain intact. This is due to the nature of blockchain technology which stores data permanently. Data that has been saved will remain in the same form whenever accessed next. The Blockchain stores data permanently so that data cannot be changed.

Like other digital platforms, Datablock launches a digital token called STONE. This token can be used for each type of payment transaction on this platform. This token is a utility token that will facilitate interaction between users and Databloc payment services. The thing that distinguishes this token from other digital tokens is its function. The focus is on the use of tokens STONE not to serve investment activities. This platform also does not guarantee the benefits of investment. The token is only focused on its use to represent network account units. So, the larger the Databloc network, the wider the function of this STONE token. Although this token is applied to all types of payment transactions in Databloc services, users can also make payments using fiat currencies. however, payments using STONE tokens will provide greater benefits because users can get a discount.

This token also functions in giving incentives. Every loyal user of this platform has the opportunity to get incentives in the form of tokens STONE as a gift. Incentives can be obtained by users, both those acting as buyers and sellers of tokens. This token provides real-time royalties that are controlled using the smart contract concept. This will provide better process transparency between the RBC owner platform (Royalty Bloc, digital currency provided as a form of royalty), and service providers. The service providers involved in the operation will get 80% of the profits from the sale of data storage services when users register at Databloc. While 20% of the proceeds will be shared equally with the owners of RBC tokens and Databloc. This platform ensures that every user can get more services and incentives as long as they trust Databloc services to store their data.

Databloc launched 333,333,333 digital STONE tokens as a whole. However, the number of tokens to be traded is 200 million tokens. For each STONE token, Databloc sets a price of 0.5 USD. Users have the opportunity to purchase these tokens at a cheaper price because Databloc will provide discounts of up to 40%. Some types of digital currencies that apply in the purchase transaction of these tokens include Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). Users can also make payment transactions using fiat currency via bank transfer. Databloc targets a total profit of at least 10 million USD and a maximum of 100 million USD. The faster the user makes an offer, the faster the user can have this digital token. Databloc applies the concept of “first come first served”. So, users will be served based on their order in purchasing tokens. This platform implements a registration system that adheres to KYC provisions in order to further empower security within its network.

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