VerusCoin and VERUSPay paving the way for private ecommerce!

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Private, Free and Self- Sovereign payment options for all!

The leaders in privacy and z address development.

No More Middlemen!!!

No more 3–5% processor fees!

No more hidden fees!

No more Data compromise!

No more charge backs!

100% free and open source.

Yes, while it all sounds too good to be true, it’s not.

This is just a small part of what the cryptocurrency revolution is all about.

We want to show you how to make this your reality. The VerusPay wordpress multicoin plugin …created by developer John Westbrook for the Verus Coin project and the ARRR Shopify script written by @Turinglabs on twitter@futuring here on Medium have paved the way for legitimate private commerce. Between these two sites, VRSC and ARRR can provide private payment options to 75% of the Ecommerce sites out there, but being based on zcash, we’re calling it Zcommerce now.

In order to help get this out to the communities this means the most to first, we are looking for users to help refer the first 100 websites interested accepting privacy coins VRSC and/or ARRR for payment options with the new VerusPay self-sovereign payment plugin or the Shopify Scripts.

It’s a small reward and a thank you for running an ecommerce site that accepts private payments.

Pirate is teaming up with Verus for this Promotion!

For your efforts under this campaign to adopt the the VerusPay WordPress plugin or Shopify scripts, you and your site will be eligible for up to 2000 ARRR and 100 VRSC! Keep reading below to find out how to qualify for this bounty.

VerusPay allows you to accept Verus $VRSC and Pirate $ARRR with either transparent or private payments ($ARRR is private only). More cryptocurrencies soon providing even further utility and a more streamline crypto payment experience to your shop with this plugin.

VerusPay is actually the first z-address compatible wordpress plugin that we know of.

If you currently accept BTC in your store, this plugin will allow your shop to reach a much wider audience with other payment methods as well. Our Pirate community is building a trading post and repository for shops to allows users to conveniently find all these wonderful Zcommerce adopters.

If you do not yet accept cryptocurrency, our support community is glad to walk you through the process from start to finish, including testing with your first purchase and exiting from crypto to your local currency. We can even provide help integrating other payment options, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and Komodo payments as well.

Verus and Pirate are worth over 6 M combined in value and have a large following of faithful community members.

The lead Technical Developer of Verus is a former VP of Microsoft who also co founded Microsoft’s Java and .NET platforms. The lead Business Developer of Pirate has 20 years in the mortgage finance and banking industry overseeing billions in transactions as well as compliance and regulation.

In addition to this, VerusMobile beta is currently available for Android and iOS and is designed to work seamlessly with VerusPay, providing shop owners and consumers with a simple intuitive process for scanning invoices and approving payment with a click. This means that Mobile to web, or even mobile to mobile merchant payments are a BREEZE and very easy for both customer and shop owner.

Why we want the community help?

Onboarding new websites to accept crypto payments is something we want to make a personal process, and we have a community built to help you get started.

We understand that your shop is your livelihood, and that you deserve to be treated with the best possible service, especially when taking a plunge into taking back your financial privacy and independence.

The community is where we want our shopkeepers to come from, not some service or mailing list. To that end we want to reward you as the user AND the shopkeeper.

Beginning IMMEDIATELY, All WordPress and Shopify sites who install either our VerusPay plugin on WordPress or The custom script for ARRR & VRSC payments on shopify are eligible to receive 500 ARRR and 25 VRSC.

If there is a community member who referred you, that member will also receive 500 ARRR and 25 VRSC. If you are the store owner referring yourself, you can earn both rewards!

Verus is likely the most innovative single project born under Komodo

To qualify you will need to complete these steps:

  • Install the shop plugin for wordpress from the guide. The scripts for Shopify are a bit easier to install. The community is ready to help you get started. These payment methods must be functional and active through May 31st.
  • Obtain a proof of purchase from the store with a screenshot, receipt or other verifiable method to show VerusPay was used. This must be posted to Twitter or Instagram with the tags #VerusPay #Zcommerce @Veruscoin @Piratechain
  • Those that qualify will be directly contacted by @PirateChain or @2ndoldest on Twitter or @Piratechain on Instagram.
  • We will contact all the eligible recipients shortly after May 31st or once we hit 100 stores, whichever comes first. The zs address for ARRR and t or z address for VRSC will be needed to collect the winnings.
  • Social media posts with tags must remain up for the duration of the contest.

2 ways to earn a 100% Bonus !!!

  • When you prove you made your payment from a z address to a z address with VRSC or ARRR. Screenshots of the zs address on the paid invoice is sufficient, and this should be easy with the above requirement

– or –

  • When you prove your payment was made using the QR code invoice feature with VerusPay or VerusMobile on the vendor side and VerusMobile on the buyer side. Screenshots or video required for this.

That’s it! We really look forward to your stores accepting ARRR/VRSC and showing our users how easy it can be to practice financial privacy freedom!

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