Etherlime, Truffle, Quorum, Web3.js Slither — all with updates

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Languages, Tools and Libraries updates

Etherlime 1.1.0


The Etherlime team has released a new version full with major improvements and integrations. Here is list of the things included in this release:

etherlime coverage

Due to the ineffective way solcover is measuring and calculating the coverage of smart contracts, a lot of developers were having troubles and inaccuracies when using the etherlime coverage. Etherlime coverage is now completely remade and is integrated with the 0x coverage tool. All the things you expect from it, cool coverage report and html version of it are now available when running the etherlime command.

etherlime zk

Etherlime has integrated with the iden3 snarkjs library in order to support the efforts developing zk apps. Through the etherlime cli one can initialise etherlime project with zk inited and start compiling and generating circuits. After circuits one can generate proofs, verifier scripts and smart contracts and deploy them on the network.

etherlime flattener

Etherlime now has a flattener command — etherlime flatten . Through the use of it, etherlime now can generate you a flattened file with your contracts and dependancies

etherlime ide

Integrated Development Environment comes with etherlime out of the box. One can now easily get into coding smart contracts by opening their project through etherlime ide.

vyper compiler

Vyper is growing more and more popular as Ethereum smart contract language. Etherlime now supports compilation of vyper smart contracts. You just need to run a docker demon and name your vyper files with .vy and you are good to go

react shape

A new shape for React was created and allows you to start your dapp projects with this popular framework.

Truffle 5.0.11


Version 5.0.11 of Truffle is here. Most of the improvements concern the debugger with improved program counter and optimising the lookup of variables. Block number and block timestamps are added to the migrations output information.

Quroum 2.2.3


Quroum has released a new version of their node — 2.2.3. The major enhancements include updating of the geth node, improved downloading and synchronisation times and added configuration for transaction limit sizes in the genesis blocks.

Web3js — 1.0.0 beta 52


Similar to the previous releases of web3js, this release contains predominantly bugfixes. In terms of enhancements the getAccounts method will now check for unlocked local accounts and use them, before asking the node for accounts.

Slither 0.6.2


The static analysis tool Slither, that we’ve talked couple of weeks ago about, has released a new version 0.6.2. Major improvement points are the updated support for embark and the improved detector for upgradeability contracts

VSCode SolDoc Plugin


New helpful plugin has been developed for the VSCode IDE users. The plugin is called SolDoc and can be used to easily generate solidity description comments complying with the ethereum natspec.

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