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⤵️ Summary of the previous review: 📣

✅ According to Bloomberg with reference to Flipside Crypto, the sharp rise of cryptocurrency rates is due to the fact that the number of low-active Bitcoin wallets as of March, 15 has decreased from 40–50% to 10% over the past six months.

✅ Zhao Dong predicted the price of Bitcoin for the next six months.

✅ Ren Neuner: Never seen a bubble pop twice!

✅ The Lead developer of Monero Riccardo Spagni spoke about those who believe that Bitcoin will be the only cryptocurrency that will survive in the long term.

🔹As we see it today?🔹

✅ This week was really positive for a cryptomarket, the “crypto-spring’’ is continuing and the cryptocurrency rates are keep growing even though not so intensively.

Bitcoin grew by 2,91% from $5162,31 to $5312,47
Ethereum rate increased by 2,71% from $166,97 to $171,49
Litecoin dropped by 6,27% from $89,15 to $83,89
Zcash grew by 1,17% from $70,24 to $71,13

🔸 At the moment cryptocurrencies are experiencing the period of stable growth that may indicate the balancing of the crypto market. Its participants are staying in favorable moods and are expecting further cryptocurrency growth.
🔸 What exactly the gurus of the cryptocurrency world are discussing you will find out tomorrow in our digest for traders.

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