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Getting started on the Rinkeby testnet

Today, we’re excited to announce the deployment of Compound v2 on the Rinkeby testnet — the protocol is now available for you to experiment with, and develop on top of.

If you’re new to using an Ethereum testnet, please see our beginner’s guide before proceeding.

v2 — Key Upgrades

  • Addresses now interact with Compound through asset gateways (cToken contracts)
  • Balances in Compound are represented as ERC-20 cTokens; you can now send your balance to cold storage, and earn interest offline 📈
  • Interacting with the protocol is easier than ever. There are tons of helper functions, and simple improvements; e.g. you can simply send Ether to the protocol to mint cEther
  • The protocol is upgradable; a future release will allow cToken holders to govern their market’s interest rate model and risk parameters


The Compound Protocol and the smart contract architecture have had some significant improvements and changes; start by reading the full documentation.

Web Interface

We’ve built a basic web application, designed to mirror the original Compound application, so that you can test the basic functionality of the protocol. This is a work in progress, and is missing core functionality — over the coming weeks it will be updated in significant ways; please excuse any glaring bugs.


Developers can immediately begin building applications and interfaces on top of Compound v2; we’ve worked with Graph to develop a Compound Subgraph node, that you can query for information about the protocol, markets, and users.

Testing Compound v2

Compound v2 is highly experimental software; it has been audited by Trail of Bits and Certora, although bugs may remain undiscovered. If you discover a critical flaw in the protocol, Compound can offer a significant bug bounty.

To discuss the changes, or make feature requests, join our Discord or tweet at us — we’d love to hear from you!

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