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Everything you know, everything you see and feel and experience across your entire life, is data.

From the puff of air on your skin when you swing open a door, to the radiant, terrifying love you feel when you cradle your child in your arms for the first time, it’s all data. It can be broken down and measured and organized and studied.

Data drives who we are as a species. As humans, we no longer shrink in fear of darkness or predators of the wild. We’ve created computers and astonishing weapons and built soaring cities and cured diseases that have decimated populations for hundreds of years.

How we live, how we survive, and even how we overcome illness, is now driven by data.

As it stands, human beings produce 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every single day.

And yet, we’ve barely even tapped into the data available to us.

Here’s the kicker, though. Right now, four colossal companies are already taking your data. Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon (GAFA). They have grown into bloated, modern-day sovereignties that are so powerful, they control more wealth than many large, well-populated American states.

If you use the Internet, or a phone, or another connected device, GAFA knows what interests you. They know who you are and who you socialize with.

But instead of freeing up your data, they’re culling it, and then trapping it in data prisons (servers). And then they’re selling it to a select, elite set of companies that have the money to pay for it.

This is not how it should be.

This was not the plan of Tim Berners-Lee, when he created the World Wide Web.

Data should be free. It should be shared.

When Princeton’s visionary economics professor, Sir. Angus Deaton, said that “High quality, open, transparent, and uncensored data are needed to support democracy”, he understood how critical data is to us as a society. But we’re thinking bigger.

The premise of freeing data and sharing it is where we are headed next as a species. And this practice, this new way of life, has a name.


Think about the data sets we can create — in our own homes and out in the world, and someday — beyond. What we can measure and know and finally understand.

And what we can change.

As a company, this is where we are headed. We want to create data oceans and lakes. We want you to be the master of your own data, to own it and share it, and profit from it.

At XYO, we’re building the world’s first truly Dataistic Network. Our next set of sentinels will mine the data you control and share. Our technology will be used to seamlessly gather and verify the data you produce, so you can share it and earn from it.

There’s so much more to Dataism than what’s in this post. So much more.

So we invite you to join us and learn and grow, and join the movement we’re building, one data point at a time.

Sign up now to learn more about Dataism.

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