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The number of universities in Indonesia is currently around thousands and every year there are thousands of students who graduate. Of the total number of graduates, it is estimated that only around 60% are accepted to work in various companies and the rest are unemployed. As we know if the number of unemployment in a country is high, this can potentially be a crime. The government also cannot be blamed for this, because in reality the number of unemployed people in Indonesia is far more than the employment offered. Therefore, the younger generation is expected not to depend on the employment provided, but must think creatively. This also makes young people no longer feel ashamed or proud to start a business independently.

Without realizing it lately in the period 2017–2018 there are a lot of creative economy industry efforts that are developing and starting to get recognition in national and international scope. For example, such as star-based education, the teacher’s room has opened a lot of jobs in Indonesia. Of course this is also the main attraction for other young people to start independent business ventures.

In order to increase the business of independent-based creative economy industries, Drife as a blockchain technology-based platform creates a service that is useful and close to the daily needs of the community. Services are shuttle services based online. This service uses blockchain technology components. including EOS components that are useful for product development such as Ethereum Virtual Machine. EOS technology that manages payment transactions from thousands of users in easily understood languages.

The main features of EOS include:

  1. Scalable
    EOS can be calculated using a distributed proof of stake consensus (DPOS) mechanism which can accurately count millions of payment transactions. Therefore the blockchain system must work harder if many users make payment transactions at the same time.
  2. Governance
    Governance in EOS has established jurisdictional law as a joint legal choice. Every transaction that uses the EOS system must get a signature if it includes a hash constitution. This is done so that users do not violate existing agreement rules. This is based on consensus algorithms and governance structures that are suitable for blockchain objectives.
  3. Flexible
    DPOS used in EOS allows manufacturers to be careful of DAPP components. Only selected block producers can determine up to the management system.
  4. Usable
    The EOS system gives certain permissions to input features such as web toolkits for interface development, self-describing interfaces, self-describing database schemes and declarative permission schemes.

Drife interface feature is a Drife application available on iOS and anroid. This application will be an interface service between customers and drivers. This application is provided in Ios and Anroid because many cellphones on the market use both systems. This application is created using React Native. Google Firebase Authentication is used for the user registration process.

Basically the Drife platform operating system is almost the same as other online transportation platforms. The only difference is the system of profits obtained, where Drife removes the commission system. Partnerships within this platform are not only limited to individuals but also entities. Like entities — public transportation entities that are still offline. So that entity can join using Drife services. That way the entity does not need to spend a certain amount of money to build and maintain a new platform. Because all have been provided by Drife, the entity only has to pay membership fees every year. This membership fee system does not affect the company’s financial system which must always arrange the distribution of commissions every day. Because the main purpose of this platform is to make services easy and practical.

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