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Go Find is a platform that combines two technological components that are currently being aggressively — intensively developed by the world of technology. The two components are XR and blockchain. The two technology collaboration concept has been proposed since 2018 with a decentralized system for applications that combine the real world and reality. XR technology is commonly referred to as the development of AR technology, where AR technology is virtual world technology that adds certain application components without changing the basic form of the place or reality that exists. It is different from XR technology which adds components of certain applications and changes the theme of the place used without removing the basic form. This concept was accepted at DMZ Accelator Zono, Toronto Canada. The concept is also built on various kinds of founders and team’s basic ideas, so this concept is explained in detail in the white paper.

In early February 2019 a Go Find token was named XR token and designed the XR Web leasing app that can be accessed in a mobile application. Not to forget, the Go Find platform teams also carried out promotional activities to introduce the latest technology and features of Go Find by visiting several potential countries starting from the Asian continent market. Continued in March, Go Find presented examples of programs being developed such as the XR Apps Store which was developed to be launched in the Play Store application and XR browser pilot which became one of the main features that were relied on in promotional activities. Because this feature provides services to its users to search for all the information in a package that is far more different from the 3d design of XR technology. This promotional activity will also be disseminated through social media to attract the general public as well as investors and related companies.

In April 2019 GoFind re-promoted in the European region with the component test net that launched v1.0, XR Lens Store or a lens similar to 2D web applications, and commercial XR or XR technology in the trade sector.

In June 2019 GoFind held a global conference on developers of TBD or XR lenses for TBD, commercial XR and social media XR.
In the third quarter of 2019, it began with the launch of MainNet v10 and the launch of the application by introducing XR as a technology collaborated with blockchain technology in North and South America.

In the first quarter of 2020, Go find chose China as a potential Asian market to introduce smart glasses as the main medium for users who want to enjoy various features in the GoFind application. In the same year, in the second quarters, India was chosen as the market to introduce web advertising using XR technology. In the last quarter, GoFind developed the XR spatial data standard that integrates a multi-coin wallet.

Based on the road map described above, it can be seen that the making of this platform is done in stages and is very careful in choosing quality components and features. Because the merger of XR and blockchain technology is the result of the development of VR (virtual reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) technologies which are then presented as a platform that provides a variety of combined services that are needed by humans in the current technological era. Features developed include the XR browser, XR web, XR tokens, XR DNS, XR lens store and SDK, XR Ads Engine.

This application can also be used as an investment medium by using the GoFind XR web utility token that can be used to buy assets — digital assets that can later be leased or receive income from advertising transactions offered at strategic and potential places.

XR itself was founded by an Indian CEO named Manindra Majumdar who has seven years of work experience in international business and experts in AL technology (artificial intelligence) and AR (augmented reality).

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