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Turms AMT (Anonymous Message Transport) is a peer-to-peer messaging system based on the Ethereum blockchain. Its most important properties are:

  • Your Ethereum address is your messaging address
  • All messages are encrypted
  • The system is completely decentralized:
    ◦ It is based on a simple Ethereum smart contract
    ◦ All messages are stored on the Ethereum blockchain
    ◦ There is no backend server
    ◦ The front-end (user interface) is hosted on IPFS
  • The code is all open source

In addition to the foregoing, Turms AMT has the following notable features:

  • Sending a message incurs either a “spam fee” or a “message fee.”
    ◦ 70% of the spam/message fee is paid to the recipient of the message.
    ◦ 15% of the spam/message fee is paid to Turms token holders.
    ◦ 15% of the spam/message fee is burned.
  • Turms AMT was developed by an individual programmer. There is no ICO.
  • The Turms AMT smart contracts were audited by Solidified
  • Turms AMT alpha testing is complete. The beta version of the user interface can be used now:

As a consequence of the fact that Turms messages are stored on the Ethereum blockchain there are a couple of limitations:

  • Turms messages are not cheap. Expect to pay about $0.20 in gas fees for a moderately sized message — more if you attach a small image — and large attachments are not supported.
  • Turms messages persist forever (encrypted).
  • Turms AMT is not as fast or as flexible as email.

The foregoing makes Turms AMT more suitable for serious commerce or business related messages than for casual social messaging.

The long and short of it is that if you know someone’s email address; and you don’t need your message to be encrypted; and you don’t need to remain anonymous — then you can just use email… But also I believe there are a myriad of new Ethereum DApps just waiting for anonymous, encrypted
communication between Ethereum addresses. I made Turms AMT to fill that niche.

Alejandro Diaz

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