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As a digital platform that creates products in the form of chips that are used to strengthen network transactions through IoT devices, Wise has considered their decision in determining the strategy that will be taken to enter the cryotocurrency market. The use of IoT devices nowadays has become an obligation that is not separated for every individual. Today’s modern society must have this one digital device. Apart from being practically used, digital devices such as smart phones have shown a wider function to support work and meet human needs. The high public consumption of IoT devices is predicted to continue to increase every year. This will be a smooth way for the distribution of their products in the form of ANSUZ chips to be embedded in IoT devices. The use of this chip aims to strengthen the digital cellphone network to be able to support the cryptocurrency transaction process even in a minimal network situation.

The level of public demand for digital transactions is predicted to continue to increase as well. This has been linked to a personal survey of the sale of ANSUZ chip products which will be able to reach 570 million units. This prediction is carried out from 2020 to 2028. Wise plans to sell the first ANSUZ chip starting in 2020. Their target is to sell this chip with an increasing number every year. For the initial stage, the target market to be achieved is in the pet tracking function, gym members, and mobile devices. The selling point for pet tracking is through 9,400 stores spread across parts of the United States. For gym membership, Wise will work with 1 million members and this number will continue to be increased. As for mobile devices, Wise will collaborate through commercial agreements with mobile device manufacturers.

Wise certainly had his own reasons why they set the three groups as the initial target of their ANSUZ chip users. Quoted from statistical data summarized by, in the United States, the number of pets that have been raised is very high. In 2017, there are more than 185.3 million animals kept domestically, especially for dogs and cats. This large amount has enlightened Wise to attract pet owners to use their products rather. The chip can be used to monitor the presence of pets through mobile devices. They don’t need to worry if pets travel outside of the owner’s knowledge. The existence of animals will still be traceable. The company has a commercial agreement with Liberty X through ECS, where the company already has 9,400 stores throughout the United States where products will be ready to be launched through these stores.

Cooperation with a health center or gym has also been done by signing a commercial agreement with You Fitness Health Club which has a total active membership of 1 million. The use of ANSUZ chip products will be applied globally, which will involve the use of IoT devices, smart phones, tablets and other types of devices or products that need to be connected with transaction networks, or data management, both in the form of objects, humans and animals. One of the marketing strategies that Wise has planned is to sponsor major events and establish commercial agreements with electronic device trading channels on an international scale.

To support the strength of trade in this platform, WSE digital tokens will be applied to purchase decentralized services and data in the app store to be able to access more other features. The WSE Token will strengthen the blockchain technology network in all Wise products. Token sales will be carried out in 3 stages, namely personal sales, pre-sale, and public sales. The number of tokens that will be distributed in the three sales periods is different where the largest amount will be allocated for the period of purchase in person. The token will be sold as many as 20 million WSE tokens with a profit target of 60 million USD. In the pre-sale period, the number of tokens allocated was 10 million WSE tokens and the profit target was projected at 50 million USD. Whereas in public sales, tokens are only provided as many as 5 million WSE tokens with a target of profit of 40 million USD. Why does the profit target have a greater amount of sales in lower amounts of tokens such as public sales? Because the price of tokens in each sales period is different. The biggest discount will be obtained on personal sales, which is 70%. While the lowest price discount is on public sales of 20%. The smaller the price discount, the higher the selling price. This is what causes the profits to be obtained will be greater when compared with the sale of tokens on the figure of 20 million WSE tokens.

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