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About two years ago people from various age groups in Indonesia were aggressively — incessantly playing a game that combines the real world and cyberspace. This game is a POKEMON GO game that uses AR (Augmented Reality) technology as one of the main technology systems operated. To be able to enjoy this technology, users only need to have a smartphone camera integrated by sensor gyroscope and magnetic. Unlike the case with VR (virtual reality) technology which only separates the players between cyberspace and the real world. So that to play games based on VR (virtual reality) technology, it requires several sophisticated tools such as VR handsets that are divided into oculus rift or Samsung Gear VR. In the world of AR (Extended Reality) education features are also adopted by Google Translate in the Scan to translate feature where this feature does not require users to type certain words to be interpreted, but only by scanning the words.

Therefore, this is what underlies Go Find to develop a platform with XR (Extended Reality) systems based on blockchain technology. the XR technology is a development of VR and AR technology. Extended Reality (XR) is a layer of digital information that is connected to the geolocation coordinates of the earth. This XR technology looks almost the same as AR technology, but if used it will feel very different for its users. AR technology only adds certain components in the real world. For example, if the user plays the POKEMON GO game around the trees, then the trees will still be visible on the camera and that will be the only difference between adding components from the POKEMON GO. But in XR (Extended Reality) technology, games played in a room will change the theme of the room, even though it does not eliminate the basic form.

Both systems of technology are in great demand by people of various ages and circles. However, for Indonesia itself, this technology, especially AR (augmented reality), is more popularly used for game play, in contrast to some developed countries that have used AR and XR technology into their daily lives, such as those in supermarkets where buyers can see information — bonus and offer information. It can also be used in the world of education such as launching — launching the latest educational products as well as 3D museums that can be seen in detail with XR technology.

Based on data, currently AR technology will develop rapidly in the next 5 years by touching the figure of 700%, equivalent to $ 209 in 2003. In addition, it also integrates AL technology that serves as a substitute for customer service services that can provide all the information needed. Go Find also functions to combine hundreds of applications that have developed or not to build the first Web 3.0 blockchain based ecosystem.

Like other blockchain platforms Go Find also has a security system in bidding and selling Go Find XR tokens with the SEC, which is based on S Regulations and Regulations of the US Securities Act. The last procedure that must be passed is like the “Know Your Customer” procedure to detect things that violate the rules such as the involvement of users in terrorist activities and AML to comply with regulations.

Go Find Tokens that have been purchased will be traded on a public crypto exchange that functions like a stock exchange to determine the price of buying and selling orders. Sales will increase along with market growth and interest. Benefits of trading Go Find tokens on the stock exchange will be distributed transparently with democratic principles.

Current technological components that continue to develop, at least become material for the founders to build a platform adapted to technological developments and market demand with the principle of morality.

Visit the sites below for more information;

GofindXR Website

White paper

GofindXR announcement post on steemit

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