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Bitenny runs on the trade line of products and services that can integrate the use of fiat and digital currencies in the same container. If previously the use of digital currency was only limited to online purchase transactions, now its use has become increasingly widespread in the real world. This also applies to the use of fiat currencies which can also be used to cover payments online. Now, both types of currencies do not need to be separated from their functions. Both will be used synergistically for various forms of shopping transactions. Online or offline is no longer a problem. The use of both will still be able to cover each type of transaction.

Bitenny has its own target market for marketing its products, namely digital payment methods using digital currencies. The retail sector is the main target of Bitenny because many spending transactions occur through this sector. People use retail services to get the products they want for their daily needs. Because its function is very important and widely used by many people, the application of a digital payment system in the retail sector is predicted to reach a very large number. At the beginning of the presence of the digital trading system in 2017, the number of payments made digitally was as much as 2.9 trillion USD. This number will continue to increase until in 2022 which is predicted to touch the figure of 5.7 trillion USD. This rapid growth of up to 14.5% shows that the application of a payment system using digital media through smart mobile devices will bring significant changes to the large number of payment transactions. By referring to these predictions, Bitenny designed an access that could connect these two types of objects.

In addition to the number of transactions that will increase thanks to the digital payment system that is able to be brought to payments in offline stores, Bitenny also has another perspective on the role of robo-advisors in increasing transactions using cryptocurrency. Robo-advisors is a technology in the form of a digital robot that serves to provide the best recommendations for users in investing using digital currencies. In Bitenny, this role is held by Prally, a smart assistant who will guide users to the best choices in investing. As is well known, besides being used for payment transactions, digital assets can also be used for exchange transactions using the type of digital currency available on the cryptocurrency exchange.

In determining the type of digital currency that you want to exchange, it is important to analyze in advance so that the choices made do not harm the user in the future. This is rather difficult to do especially for users who do not have sufficient understanding of cryptocurrency and like the transaction system. The development of each type of digital currency will project what kind of opportunity the benefits will be obtained in the future by having that currency. This can be obtained easily through the Prally feature function. Prally will provide the best analysis based on various types of digital currencies that are correlated with BTNY tokens. Furthermore, Prally will issue a decision regarding the type of currency that is considered to have great potential for increasing its value. The utilization of this feature will certainly increase the number of exchange transactions for the investment function.

Bitenny has recorded the number of investments using digital currencies in 2017 amounted to 0.2 trillion USD. With the role of robo advisors, the number of investments is predicted to increase to 1.5 trillion USD in 2022. This increase is supported by the increasing interest of the community to invest after the presence of similar facilities Prally. Users can practically choose digital currencies according to the recommendations given. With this convenience, investment can be done instantly. However, the disadvantage of this function is that the prediction given is temporary. That is, changes can occur at any time and override every type of digital currency. However, this should not be a barrier to investing. Investment must be supported and implemented. That way, the value of digital currencies can compete and this system will be more active in determining the strongest digital currency based on its value in the cryptocurrency market.

Users can start their transactions through the Bitenny platform. The more investment is made, the higher the strength of the business will be. Investment will generate financial benefits to support the growth and development of an entity.

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