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Transactions for purchasing a product through a network of online and offline stores have a very close correlation with the application of digital tokens and the use of transaction lines through digital platforms. This shows a new change in the transaction system that makes each process in digital form. The process that is carried out digitally will provide greater convenience compared to the process carried out manually. Thus, the community will have a special interest in this payment system and this is considered as an opportunity for financial gain in the trading market. Bitenny has a different aspect even though the function it carries has been applied also by other digital platforms. This platform has several other advantages so that it cannot be compared to digital platforms with similar functions.

Some of the main advantages brought by Bitenny are as follows.

  1. Increased Throughput
    The high number of transactions that take place through digital platforms has made every group use this function to fulfill their payment transaction needs. The more sophisticated the technology carried, the more reliable this function will be. This reliability attracts the attention of many people so they choose to switch direction in the transaction system. The use of a digital transaction system will help users to reach any unlimited distance and time. Because of the high volume of transactions that occur at one time, a platform must be supported by highly qualified technology so that they can adjust their functions to the number of user requests. Many digital platforms are unable to facilitate this function so that users in it face a number of obstacles. In Bitenny, the obstacles that occur due to the increase in transaction volume can be minimized. Bitenny is able to support thousands of transactions in one second thanks to the network’s modular structure. This is what makes this platform able to increase Throughput in the future.
  2. Includes Broad Networks

Effective networks will fully support the ongoing digital transactions. This also relates to the sophisticated technology used by a digital platform. The more sophisticated the technology, the better the quality of transactions. Bitenny has the ability to cover a very wide transaction network. Transactions can take place well on this platform even though between one user and another user is in a very far distance. Now this is no longer an obstacle. Bitenny will fully reach every distance and time so that the network can be fully relied on. Bitenny provides comprehensive protection for its network by utilizing conflict free data types and other active settings. This is the way Bitenny minimizes constraints in the entire network.

3. Additional Security Level

Bitenny adopts blockchain technology which is so well known for its ability to secure a digital platform. The Blockchain also supports a very high level of data privacy. Bitenny was designed to increase the rate of growth adopting a digital transaction system using cryptocurrency. By being provided by the blockchain, all processes that occur in the system will be more controlled and achieve maximum efficiency. By strengthening the security system, transactions in the network will be better protected from various risks of attacks that can derail the transaction.

4. Utilizing Kafka and Redis for Process Optimization
Bitenny designed the network structure that was able to support the functions of Kafka tools. This tool is used to help reduce data capacity before it is processed so that the transaction data size will be smaller. This will facilitate the transaction process where the smaller the data, the faster the transaction will last until it is finished. Kafka also functions to improve communication optimization within the Bitenny network. In addition to Kafka, Bitenny also uses Redis to make the network more active in transferring data in the short term and capable of storing data over a long period of time.

5. Utilizing AI Technology
It’s no secret if Bitenny is reinforced by this one technology. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is currently being a hot topic in the world of technology due to its ability to penetrate the existing technological boundaries. Technology that can be interpreted as artificial intelligence adopts the concept of human intelligence and then converts it into a technological system so that a device that is run with this technology is capable of carrying out activities normally carried out by humans but limited to digital devices. Bitenny adopted it to help the role of the Prally feature so that it can independently carry out statistical analysis to produce an appropriate recommendation. By utilizing AI technology, Bitenny has pocketed advantages that other digital platforms don’t have.

These various advantages make this platform have its own characteristics. Further improvements will bring great changes to society through the functions brought by Bitenny.

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